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  1. Egyptian I think. ATGM hit, the turret had massive spalling.
  2. And people wonder why Saudi Arabia is getting bad fate lately... So many deaths in Yemen.. so many deaths in Syria. And they don't get shit for it because they sell oil. meh.
  3. Maybe in the future we'll see Mi-28s. Hopefully.
  4. Well... dreams crushed. What about Mi-28s?
  5. Needs more Kamov. And when I say Kamov, I mean the glorious Chornaya Akula! Speaking of which, any Ka-50s deployed in Syria?
  6. Screaming victory and then they hit a pole... well, OK. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c5e_1444224268
  7. Busy with school though so I can't get to Syria. Maybe later.
  8. I should volunteer to become a translator. Good English and good Arabic.
  9. Kind of. ^last one is more of military defense than civil defense though. It's a small military base. Had more of these on my PC, but can't access it atm.
  10. Yeah, here in Egypt we used our M1A1s in 2011 as roadblocks. Nothing could pass rofl.
  11. I think that no one in particular won. The Soviets did a certain field, then the Americans did another field. But the Soviets went.. inactive after the Americans landed on the moon. Kind of. Not as active as NASA at least. But I think that's something related to budgets. Even the NASA has this problem (budget), though.
  12. I keep hearing about the person who discovered water on Mars being Egyptian. Is it true? If so, that's kinda funny.
  13. Fuck, you're right. I should work more on my KGB skills and stop taking everything literally.
  14. The weird thing though is that people say that the Su-25 in that video is this one: This is really confusing. I thought the smoke looked unnatural too, but that picture... not sure.
  15. This is an old post but do you know what is it? Imo it looks suspiciously close to the T-64R, which were T-64s upgraded to A standard, but not fully.
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