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  1. Russia + Hezbollah... no. Please no.
  2. Gee, letting goatfuckers fuck countries over is totally not a step in the destruction of the global security system.
  3. Well, to be fair, they both use the same truck.
  4. Well, considering the MiG-31BM should be able to see a F-35, I am sure the PAK FA can also be seen. I think most stealth stuff is a waste of time tbh.
  5. Wonder if it's invulnerable to most of the weapons the rebels use.
  6. I thought the Russians still have their space program going? Did you really cancel it all with the fall of the SU?
  7. It's also funny how the Soviets did almost everything related to the space race and yet the Americans get the credit because they landed on the moon. inb4 Russia secretly lands on Mars, surprising the evil capitalists.
  8. Wouldn't it be very salty due to the condition on Mars? And empty from nutrients. Also
  9. I can understand Kontakt 1. But Kontakt 5/Nozh and Shtora? wat. Come to mention it, though, maybe the Ukrainians will do something like that Also, Object 770/777 > IS-3
  10. Do you think that the PAK-DA is any useful btw? I know it's heavily unrelated to the PAK-FA, but still.
  11. I think the Russians gave it to them as support. Like you said, the people look Arab and not Russian.
  12. Too bad I am not Russian. Can't understand anything
  13. Meh See, this is why I just don't bother with videos from the ME.
  14. T-55AM? not bad I guess... still pretty shit though... ...against M1A2S's.
  15. Now, whenever someone says T-72s suck because of Iraq, we can say M1A2 sucks because of Yemen!
  16. That sniper rifle looks clean, has a "professional" camo and the scope looks in good condition. Clothes are clean. There's also a bipod. You sure this is Syrian SF, not Russian SF?
  17. Great purge intensifies.
  18. Would be a shame if a tactical nuke accidently exploded in the Oshkosh MRAP factory.
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