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  1. Wait, how did we get the Mistrals so fast already?
  2. Not to mention ISIS declared war on China. [topkek]
  3. Not even going to open it What I said was translation of the title.
  4. You guys should check out WT.Live website. Tons of SS lovers and sympathsizers there. Once made my friend troll them. He posted picture of NKVD executing SS officers by hanging them as a comment in a picture post which had a guy saying he loved the SS. The rage and cries were real. too bad I didn't have puush ready at that time.
  5. what the fuck "hottie in military dress and russian songs annex/invade syrian television"
  6. This shit ain't serious, right? No, seriously, right? Guys..? Why are you looking at me like that? ;-;
  7. Ouch. Were there any attempts to convert him back to uhh.. "normal" human status?
  8. Some of that stuff is cringe. Though PantherAl's tanks thingy seems to be misunderstood in that list. (on an unrelated note, where's Wulfhound? the glorious alt account of tovarish EE)
  9. Oh, didn't know there was already a list. Where is it?
  10. Ehh I meant on WT forums, not the ones here. The ones here aren't as extreme as some of the fanboys on WT off. forums are.
  11. "4x possible T-90" wat. Something tells me whoever made that is a bit biased.. How can someone identify a T-90 from a T-72B3 in a picture like that? Even if it's a T-90A, I don't think you can see the welded turret at that distance.
  12. Need to compile a big list of top German fanboys, top American fanboys, top Soviet fanboys.
  13. Yeah. It's a shame because it has so much potential. But well.. that's what happens when incompetent developers and shitty Administrators/Community Managers take charge. But Tiger won ze war.
  14. But T-84 Oplot M is best tenk of the world. It also won WW2. Don't forget that. It's just the Soviets disguised them as some puny tank called "T-34".
  15. Basically it depends on spelling, if you try to read it the Russian/English way, then it's very deep. But if you try to read it "normally", it's something like Soukhoui. I don't remember the original Arabic name for Sukhoi though sadly :|
  16. That last picture. Not the SU-24 one, but the one before it is a Sukhoi. SU-30SM I think. The words written on it are very weird, but they mean "The Sukhoi in Latakia's skies".
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