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  1. Yes, we see you edging closer to declaring victory even though you've had it explained clearly and thoroughly over and over in as simple language as possible.
  2. Now give poor old delete some credit. It DOES say something about the respective auto technologies... Just not what he thinks it does. The Pershing worked specifically because american engineers were capable of engineering something that was within the limits of their automotive technology while the Germans couldn't even manage to not fuck that up! Anyone Actually capable in their field would have known that the panther final drives wouldn't have even been satisfactory on something 15 tons lighter, like the Pershing, so they built final drives that would act
  3. It's literally not my job to show you but since this forum's unofficial motto is LINK OR DIE it's pretty safe to assume that what you're demanding is extremely easy to find on this very forum... As to who exactly on here is published and what they've published, chances are if you don't know that they're published and what they've published it's because they don't want you to know likely because they think you're a fucking clown and don't want to be bothered with you. Since you've been here for so god damn long without even once clicking the sticky at the top of EVERY SU
  4. He says on a forum populated with a very non trivial number of professionals in the field and authors who published and publish much better sourced works on the subject directly at hand. Just because you're some dipshit on the internet doesn't mean the people you're arguing with are too... I'm not one of those professionals for the record but I do find this incredibly funny.
  5. Yes the old unreliable r34.... So unreliable that during the recent ukraine festivities we have MULTIPLE documented instances of t34's parked on display in the weather for the last 7 decades being started in short order and driven into battle. Truly a disgrace that some impudent curs had the gall to call these moscovite failure tractors tanks!
  6. I know right?! Also, I love how he's so free with his critiques of the competition threads and our "general knowledge Levels" Along with singing his own praises... And yet, he's been here ALL THIS TIME and has somehow not managed to find subforum DOCUMENT REPOSITORY LINKS stickied at the top of every forum menu for each subcategory at SH! Real high IQ hours. If you read this spoony boy, go look in the clearly marked fucking folders... Reevaluate your life, reevaluate your attitude, realize that we all also have a metric fuck ton of shit that isn'
  7. You talk about us being surprised you get your information by reading books... You're right, we were surprised. We've all read all those books and far far more. We collect and trade dtic.mil documents, the biannual technology roadmap reports, and patents like you probably trade Pokemon cards... You apparently just haven't figured out that because shitters like you who want to be spoon-fed everything are so incredibly prevalent that we do it several places people like you don't have access to. The fact that you think you're unique different or special because
  8. Was all of this supposed to make me care that you think I'm a meanie head dumb dumb face? P.s. any "news site" stupid enough to employ you as a writer is... I'd say only good as toilet paper but you're essentially just an "online defense commentator" which is right up there with terms like anal fissures for it's negative connotation to pretty much everyone whose not one of them. Congrats on getting yourself into the exalted camp as such luminaries as Nicholas Drummond and blacktail defense I guess. You know, if you just stopped being so exceedingly stupid th
  9. Yeah, we get it, you want us to do all your work for you. But we're not going to. Nice try on insisting we write up faq's and etc though. And oh by the way, you finding the competition threads and managing to so badly mangle the intent just goes to show how monumentally fucking defective you are. P.s. yes, I do know a metric fuck ton more than you... But that's just not hard or something to actually be proud of. Even diagonal sushi mightyzuk and lastdingo would be highly disappointed by you, and that truly says worse things about you than anythi
  10. Bold of you to assume you have advice worth giving, especially when you are completely tone deaf to what people are saying to you as well as the actual tone of the forum. Your comments about uav's not being revolutionary is especially funny when you turn around and accuse people of being blindly technocratic. The whole point of uav's for the most part right now is to do the things we used to do other ways better, faster, cheaper, with less manpower, much lower latency, much higher certainty, over much larger areas, and In a much more usable and effective way.
  11. To top our hatred of entitled whiners, your question about why you can't just jam the f35's systems and capabilities into an F16 is a great example of how entirely you've failed to do your own research since that's a conversation that's been had multiple times on this board, is extremely well covered on secret projects.co.uk and has probably literal thousands of pages worth of discussion freely available and well indexed on the f16.net forum. You can literally type that question into Google and read dozens of masters grade theses on THAT EXACT QUESTIONS off what you get in the firs
  12. And there we go, as beer has so ably pointed out, calcifiers seems completely unaware of what drones are for and just how amazingly successful they've been. If your not even aware of what their place is on the battlefield, you probably shouldn't be commenting about them in such an attempted authoritative fashion.
  13. After reading your takes on the f35 and drones (lmaooo) I'm going to outright call your "land vehicles knowledge" pure unadulterated bullshit. (Your t55 post does that for you anyway since even one of our least favorite britbong shills apparently knows way more about the state of t55 fleets than you do) You keep talking about how you have all this knowledge, while at the same time spewing utterly inexcusably stupid takes everywhere you go on here. Now this last post of yours in here about how you shouldn't have to do your own research... Quite frankly, as on
  14. You somehow missed the part of the war where an entire Ukrainian division got localized then annihilated by a massive cross border artillery barrage apparently... Your shit takes are the shittiest takes.
  15. I'm not gonna lie, this is a way stupider take than your comments in the f35 thread. Not only does beer disagree with you but the Ukrainian army does too. So do the syrians, the Iraqis, the afghanis, the houthi and a fuck ton of other people too on account of them getting their shit wrecked repeatedly by drones of a shockingly wide variety! How the fuck have you managed to miss the last 2 decades?
  16. That's a very broad question that's going to be hard to answer. Can you narrow it down for us? On what kind and class of vehicles meant for what roles? Also, how much money are you allowed to spend and are you the US or a US ally we'll transfer the good stuff to?
  17. Seriously though, the cannon is the important part of Brutus and it's actually a very major development that heralds not only interesting future possibilities but also the era where foob and etc weapons are finally crossing the technical maturity line in a meaningful way. This is all but the textbook definition of a big deal. This and the gd ngsw bullpups are harbingers of actual advancements in gun technologies across the board which have the potential to let us do things we haven't actually been able to do before in pretty significant ways which also happen to be pret
  18. This comment alone makes me severely question essentially everything else you say or will say in the mechanized warfare forum... Do you actually have an idea of what you're looking at in the Brutus platform? Because I can assure you the God damn truck it's mounted on is so far beyond irrelevant to any potential thereof of the real thing Being showcased as to be entirely laughable for someone even peripherally interested in this realm to comment on that it's genuinely disconcerting. TL;DR it's not about the God damn truck dummy
  19. A fucking Muslim brotherhood agent masquerading as press to keep from getting his and his family their rightful dances with JDAM's
  20. The AN-94 of tank guns? It's a better idea than two actual main guns, which is likely not going to end well if the Russians already had issues with unwanted rotation mounting autocannons. At that point your best bet is likely supersizing the 76 & 90mm CT autocannons we already developed. I can't really speak to the quality of this suggestion, but it's a way to pound out two shots really fast.
  21. I made a comment the other day that i was looking forward to completely unmanned ammunition carriers for a similar reason. Specifically because i know that we will get at least one absolutely hilarious video of a rampaging ammunition carrier marauding through a village while panicked soldiers frantically try to put the beast down with Carl Gustavs. As you stated, this footage will be incredibly cool.
  22. https://patents.google.com/patent/US7206257 Acoustic remote cavitation... Fuck sharks with lasers, i want this.
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