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Found 11 results

  1. Here at Sturgeon's House, we do not shy from the wholesale slaughter of sacred cows. That is, of course, provided that they deserve to be slaughtered. The discipline of Military Science has, perhaps unavoidably, created a number of "paper tigers," weapons that are theoretically attractive, but really fail to work in reality. War is a dangerous sort of activity, so most of the discussion of it must, perforce, remain theoretical. Theory and reality will at some point inevitably diverge, and this creates some heartaches for some people. Terminal, in some cases, such as all those A
  2. I realized that we don't actually have a thread about the British Chieftain tank. I posted a bunch of Chieftain related stuff on my site today for anyone who is interested. The items include: Magazine Articles 1970 article from ARMOR 1970 article from IDR - Chieftain-Main Battle tank for the 1970s 1976 article from IDR - The Combat-Improved Chieftain – First Impressions 1976 article from IDR - Improved Chieftain for Iran Government reports WO 194-495 Assessment of Weapon System in Chieftain WO 341-108 Automotive Branch Report on Chieftain Modifications DEFE 15-1183
  3. When I read a book in Chinese ''坦克技术概论'',I found a pic showed below, it looks like a T-72s autoloader,but actually it was mounted on British tank,maybe the Centurion.I try to search for the source but I failed. Is there anyone have more information about it?
  4. Bundeswehr Weasel and British Light tank Mark IV
  5. Follow onpost about the 40mm CT ammo, one of the vehicles that will supposedly be using it is the new tracked scout SV vehicle. http://www.janes.com/article/53167/scout-sv-to-be-assembled-in-uk Now to be assembled in the UK as opposed to Spain. Neat looking scout vehicle.
  6. So, two days ago on Status Report it was mentioned that the top speed of the Action X Centurion was historical, that it was based on the South African Olifant (no relation to that BabyOlifant fellow from the WoT forums): Naturally, this made me curious and so I started digging into the history of the Olifant and the upgrades South Africa made to their Centurions. Project Skokiaan began in 1972, with the goal being to replace the always unreliable 650hp Meteor engine. The replacement was the 810hp V-12 AV-1790 gasoline engine, which had seen service in the early variants of the M48
  7. Oh my! Cased telescoped Cannon Ammo. These are for the Warrior upgrade program and their recce replacement vehicle program. http://www.janes.com/article/52685/uk-orders-ctas-40-mm-cannons-for-new-armoured-vehicles
  8. During the Korean War, some Cromwells were captured from the British by the CCA during fighting around Seoul in January of 1951. These Cromwells where given to the KPA and fought against the Brits who now had Centurions. This instance occured during the so-called Happy Valley Battle. "February 11, 1951, two British Centurion heavy tanks commanded by Captain Strachan and First Lieutenant Redford found an unidentified tank hiding under the right side of Han-river railroad bridge while supporting the U.S. reconnaissance company. The commanders order to engage and destroy the unknown tank. Th
  9. I just came across this video, where the British Independent tank is moved for an exhibition. Man, that suspension is in terrible shape. Track links have seized up, the springs have seized up, and that horrible groaning sound when it moves is indicative of some bigger problems. Yuri Pasholok & Co. complained that the T-35 that moved under its own power was in horrible condition, but this thing is just a whole new ball game.
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