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Found 1 result

  1. Forgive me the flippant title. But I had a thought after watching yesterday's Senate testimony and news coverage regarding the success of the Islamic State in the Middle East. Given the probability of United States military involvement in Iraq and Syria and the future deployment of "boots on the ground" (God, I hate that term) the question has come to my mind of what to do with any ISIS prisoners that the United States and its partners will inevitably capture? The Islamic State styles itself as an independent country with a military that has all the trappings of a traditional army including a chain of command and uniforms, I'm not certain that we can continue to use the dubious title of "enemy combatants" to ISIS fighters. Wouldn't they actually be prisoners of war and entitled to all the rights of a uniformed opponent? We've all watched the footage of ISIS fighters in action and they drive in vehicles that are generally uniformly painted. They sport clothing and paraphernalia that mark them as soldiers of the Islamic State. And presumably they have a command and control apparatus with officers (or chieftains) who give and take orders. Conversely, if these individuals are regarded as soldiers, wouldn't they also be liable to prosecution for war crimes?
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