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Found 2 results

  1. Khand-e mentioned that I should share my thoughts on thorium reactors in my primer on nuclear energy. I swear I'm still working on the primer; it's 2,800 words and climbing; about halfway through the outline. So, seeing as that's a ways off, I thought I would explain my reservations about thorium power. You may want to watch Kirk Sorensen's presentation on liquid fluoride thorium reactors. Nuclear fission relies on splitting actinide atoms. There are two actinides which occur naturally on Earth; uranium and thorium. Uranium on earth is about 99.3% uranium-238, and about .7% uranium
  2. A true fact that some of you may not know about me is that when I was a baby I was exposed on a hill to die because of a prophecy about me growing up to be a mother raper/father stabber or something. Anyway, a pack of roving hippies eventually found me, but by the time they did I was so covered in filth that they accepted me as one of their own. Thus, I was raised by hippies. As a result, I know the words to Alice's Restaurant by heart. I was forced to memorize them, much as kids in madrassa are forced to memorize hadith. A true fact that all of you definitely know about me is th
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