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Found 1 result

  1. I think we need to look at what was shown at E3 and decide what to hate, what we should like, and what is boring. Prepare for many videos, a lot of which are done in Orange-Blue colors, because games are like movies, only with "Press X to continue watching this game". "Worth some attention" category: 1. Horizon Zero Down. Robodinosaurs with missiles? Yes, please. It looks somewhat fresh, but i am interested in actual gameplay. Will follow development of this game. 2. Rainbow Six: Siege. Bullpup PKP Pecheneg and bullpup SVD (SVU) in that trailer, BTW. Videos shows Terrorist Hunt gamemode. So, FPS that don't try to be just another CoD or CS? This is already worth some attention. 3. South Park: The Fractured butt hole but Whole. Why? Because stupid and toilet humor. Sometimes you need it. And first game was pretty Ok/good. 4. Mirror's Edge Catalyst First Mirror's Edge was interesting - a 3D first person platformer/running game with good music and ~unique art design. It was fast, fun and fresh. Story in Catalyst is stupid (at least from trailer it looks like stupid cliche), but gameplay can be as good or better than in first one. 5. Hitman. Yes, Hitman. I played Absolution and it was somewhere between "mediocre" and "good". If this one will be improved (bigger maps, more things to do with target and better plot/atmosphere), this game have a potential to be very engaging time sink. 6. XCOM 2. 7. Just Cause 3. Because shooting 4 barrel rocket launcher while being attached upside down to a helicopter belly is what games are for . 8. Cuphead. 9. Shadow Warrior 2. This FPS is a blend of Dying light and old action PC games.
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