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Found 2 results

  1. A question that's been at the back of my mind for a while now. Suppose that while two astronauts are on the moon, the command module pilot becomes incapacitated for whatever reason, and is unable to operate any spacecraft systems. Assuming that the command module is still intact (or at least functional), can the occupants of the lunar module survive? Taking off from the moon and rendezvousing with the CM shouldn't be an issue. The LM has its own onboard radar system for guidance, and sufficient fuel in the ascent stage to dock even if the CM performed no maneuvering. However, I have been unable to determine if getting a complete dock and actually opening the hatch could be performed entirely from the LM without assistance from the CM.
  2. Seriously, look at this shit. Doing a backflip at Mach 5 with the external tank still attached, NBD. Rumor has it that the scenario was possible in the sim with an intact shuttle, but in just about any case where you're doing an RTLS the shuttle most likely isn't intact (if it was you could just a transatlantic abort or something). There's also rumors that STS-1 was planned to be a test of the RTLS scenario, before John Young helpfully pointed out that was a retarded idea.
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