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Found 2 results

  1. Don't get me wrong. I'm an ignorant fool. I'm not an entrepreneur. It takes courage to go into the unknown and take a chance. I still think this anti-pre-engagement mechanism is worthy of some appreciative attention. I know you all read or write for tfb but here's the link. No time link cuz the whole interview is worth watching. I really wonder how he funded this thing. I really love how he's passionate, but how will he ever compete with a guy like serbu? https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/11/18/the-50-bmg-ak-project-as-told-by-brandon-th
  2. Over the years I just kind of learned to accept the AK for what it is. Cheap garbage intended to be issued to conscripts and nothing more. But then my tastes changed, I asked for forgiveness, admitted I was wrong, and I kind of went off the deep end. I've even scored a rare, 7.62x39 Finnish RK62 in proper FDF pattern. About 200 were imported before they realized that in the 60s there was no 7.62x39 anywhere for purchase so... way to go Valmet! Anyways this is going to be more or less a photo journal showing the minor and major differences between various Kal
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