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Found 1 result

  1. One question which has occasionally popped up on internet discussion sites that I frequent is the question of what exactly constitutes a genocide. Without getting too deep into any specific instances, I think we can have a fairly useful discussion about this. According to the ICC; This is useful, but insufficient. For instance, committing only one of the acts on the list, it almost certainly isn't genocide. If I walk out my door and shoot two men of [insert ethnic group here], I'm a douchebag, but probably not a genocidal douchebag. On the other hand, requiring all five boxes to be checked opens you up to all kinds of legalistic weaseling. "Well, we didn't transfer the children of [insert ethnic group] to another group, we just murdered them! Only four boxes checked, no genocide here!" So where do we draw the line? Two boxes checked? Three? Some other checklist promulgated by another international authority? To me, genocide is like pornography; I know it when I see it. I don't have a bunch of boxes to check, but if you're murdering a bunch of people based on who their ancestors were, nine times out of ten it's genocide. What sayeth y'all?
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