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Found 2 results

  1. This shall be the general dump thread for anything related to common EU defense. I found this 2017 document of the European Commission on general reflections on the future of the common European defense, and realized that we had no thread where it seemed relevant. Contains some interesting figures on military spending put in perspective with the US Although I don't know how the hell they come with a number of 4 different destroyers/frigates for the US (and the pictures show aircraft carriers, and everything but MBTs for both the EU and the US) Also if i
  2. Our good friends and Kremlin-controlled propaganda instruments independent journalists at Southfront have just produced a video about the developing situation in Moldova: Moldova is caught in the ongoing power struggle between Russia and the US-led West for control of the former Warsaw Pact. The US took major strides in expanding its influence with the 1997 addition of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary to NATO, followed seven years later by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The expansion of NATO Eastward was particularly alarming to Russian leadership,
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