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Found 6 results

  1. Why does everyone have such a raging hate boner for it?
  2. http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-f-35-cant-beat-the-plane-its-replacing-in-a-dogfigh-1714712248 With the advancing of IRST tech and the proliferation of steath tech, I don't think dogfighting is going away anytime soon.
  3. Compared to the most well known Japanese fighter of World War 2, the A6M “Zero”, the J2M Raiden (“Jack”) was both less famous and less numerous. More than 10,000 A6Ms were built, but barely more than 600 J2Ms were built. Still, the J2M is a noteworthy aircraft. Despite being operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), it was a strictly land-based aircraft. The Zero was designed with a lightweight structure, to give extreme range and maneuverability. While it had a comparatively large fuel tank, it was lightly armed, and had virtually no armor. While the J2M was also very lightly built, it wa
  4. There's something about an - essentially - unbroken line of development stretching back 60 years that just makes me a bit sentimental. Sure, they never have been the highest performance fighters in the world, but maybe that's why the family has lasted so long. From the first proposal of the N-102 in 1953, to the Growler, this is the Northrop jet fighter family appreciation thread:
  5. I found this interesting picture of the Yakovlev MFI design: Obviously, it was never built. The MiG submission was the 1.44 and the Sukhoi submission was the SU-47.
  6. The F-106 (bane of Canadian nationalists everywhere) had a quite long and successful career as an interceptor. However, could it have been turned into an air superiority fighter or multirole aircraft? Consider the Following F-106 wing loading at MTOW: ~309 kg/m^2 F-4 wing loading at MTOW: ~569 kg/m^2 F-106 Thrust/Weight Ratio (At MTOW with full afterburner): ~.576 F-4 Thrust/Weight Ratio (At MTOW with full afterburner): ~.578 While this is a very cursory examination, the low wing loading of the F-106 indicates that it would have good turn performance. I have seen anecdotal ev
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