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Found 1 result

  1. I cook for a living which is why I don't have the impressive militaria/machine knowledge you folks have. I've worked as chef and cook for several different types of kitchens, and although it can be pretty hot, long, and thankless work, I get off a little on being able to create something the way I do. I currently run a food truck with my friend, and we make Mexican food in as an authentic way as we can. After years of the faux-French cooking prevalent in American kitchens, it's been fun, yet difficult to start doing things like soaking & grinding corn for tortillas/tamales, or making our own cheese and sour cream from scratch. Current project is to make our own goat chevre from goat milk. I've also found myself tearing down preconceptions in my mind of what seems to be commonly-held "knowledge" in the culinary world. The big one lately has been produce prices. While it's convenient and supposedly cheaper to have a food proprieter deliver produce for you on a reliable schedule, we've been having an easy time of getting produce from the market where we work. Most people look at the retail prices of farmers' market prices here and wonder how we can buy the stuff and get away with it. After dealing the farmers long enough, we found that whatever they can't sell at a market has to go for wholesale at auctions later. Their product goes away for some pretty medeival prices (especially for the Amish, who can't easily travel to and from the auctions). So, we just started seeing what they'd like to get rid of, and offering more than what they'd get (and less than retail) for some cases. As a result, farmers have become friendly and open to selling us large amounts of fantastic seasonal produce for very agreeable prices. So is anyone curious about cooking/the food industry or have anything they want to discuss? If anyone's interested, I'll keep up on our little science experiments and trips. I've also had plans for a food blog where I want to teach people how to cook. Not like "here's some recipes." I want to teach someone how to efficiently feed themselves and others the way some cook making 200 perfect meals a night would.
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