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Found 5 results

  1. As everyone knows, modern documentaries are trash. Reduced to mere grout between advert breaks, with the same old stock footage repeated a hundred times, and the same old talking heads repeating conclusions that were debunked in the academic sphere decades ago. This thread is for proper documentaries, from back before millennials killed the documentary industry corporate media ruined everything. A time when (especially immediately post war) some knowledge of military affairs could be expected from the audience, and veterans were still around to give interviews. I'll sta
  2. You may also find this quiz to be helpful. We shall start with Arianism. Hilariously, Wikipedia describes Arianism as a "heterodox" belief, which we all know is a polite substitution for "heretical," and they're not fooling anyone, just like swapping BCE and CE for BC and AD doesn't fool anyone. Really, Wikipedia? Is this the time for ecclesiastical relativism? Just call them heretics; it's not like any of them are left to get upset. Conceivably someone could get upset on their behalf, and demand you moderate your hurtful and judgmental words concerning theological controversies of th
  3. Super Comrade's thread on telling Japs apart from Chinese got me thinking about a dramatic, obscure bit of US history; the story of the Japanese and the state of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands are a volcanic chain that's about dead in the middle of the Pacific. The islands have undergone significant weathering over millions of years, which means that the island of Oahu has a natural deep water port at Pearl Harbor. The volcanic soils are also rich in minerals, and this combined with the heavy rainfall makes the islands exceptionally fertile. Hawaii was first colonized by Polynesians so
  4. I am, I must admit, a complete dilettante when it comes to military history. I know that there has been critical analysis of Guderian's autobiography, Erinnerungen eines Soldaten, or Panzer Leader in English, but other than that I am ignorant of it. Still, I found the book an interesting read, and at times amusing. Amusing, I think, for reasons old Heinz would not immediately have appreciated: Production rationalization is haaarrrdd! Also, Guderian didn't even play World of Tanks and he knew that the aufklärungspanzer panther was a stupid idea. Hitler cannot into tank tac
  5. I had wondered why on earth the Confederate flag was called "stars and bars," seeing as it lacks any bars. Now I know.
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