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Found 3 results

  1. So, as you guessed, this thread is primarily for the STALKER series, including mods and what not, as well as STALKEResque games. So, lets start with a screenshot from the Cordon in Lost Alpha 1.3003 I downloaded and installed the latest Lost Alpha patch. The last time I played Lost Alpha, the story line was poo, and in typical STALKER fashion, it was "buggier than a crack whore with the sniffles", to quote Yahtzee. However, it does deliver some of the best environments and game play atmosphere that I have seen in a long damn time. My first thought that I had as I was romping around the Cordon was the striking similarity to the 1979 film, in terms of the lush vegetation and terrain. They go on further to integrate bits and set pieces from multiplayer maps, other games in the series, as well as content that was cut from the original game during development. Remember all those highly detailed parts on your map that where just part of the satellite photo and not actually playable area? Yeah, those have been added in. Also, many of the original maps have been heavily reworked, and I would say improved.
  2. I'm going through one of my cyclical interests in aircraft, so I thought this would be a good place to start collecting resources related to aircraft design. Please feel free to add more, including on more esoteric topics. My practical experience is limited almost entirely to models and the like, so I tend to hove to a few simple rules which suit low-speed designs using props. 1. Basic principles http://adg.stanford.edu/aa241/AircraftDesign.html http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/aeronautics-and-astronautics/16-01-unified-engineering-i-ii-iii-iv-fall-2005-spring-2006/systems-labs-06/spl8.pdf 2. Wing and airfoil selection http://www.wainfan.com/wingdes.pdf http://airfoiltools.com/calculator/reynoldsnumber?MReNumForm%5Bvel%5D=60&MReNumForm%5Bchord%5D=1.5&MReNumForm%5Bkvisc%5D=1.5111E-5&yt0=Calculate http://itlims.meil.pw.edu.pl/zsis/pomoce/BIPOL/BIPOL_1_handout_8A.pdf http://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads/aircraft.html http://airfoiltools.com/search/index
  3. We have occasionally talked about self-defence weapons, with quite a few disagreements on all aspects of the subject. Part of the problem, to my mind, is that a perfect self-defence weapon has a bunch of conflicting requirements: compactness, ease of use, availability, stopping power (lethal or nonlethal) and reliability. Added to these conflicting requirements, we have a whole gamut of legal issues which limit the solution space which can be realistically explored: limitations on substances, types of weapons, their form and operation and so on. To really game this one out, I propose that we completely throw out the rulebook and try to imagine the ultimate self-defence weapon. Again, this must be something that anyone can use, that is always available, that always works and that kills or incapacitates instantly. Have at it gents.
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