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Found 8 results

  1. So, to practice sending photos from my phone to the internet (in preparation for taking pictures of Artemis 2), I'd like to share some pictures of my most recent vacation to Mars. Yup, took one of Elon's rockets and blasted off! Utah is so damn beautiful. I didn't want to derail looser's family photos thread, so I'll just make this new one. Flying in The first stop my family and I made on our trip was on the "wrong side" of Zion, or the less busy side. I loved the red rocks, and the sky was an incredible shade of blue; my phone camera doesn't quite capture that. There's a whole lot of nothin' between towns and tourist stops, but the scenery is nice. The next stop was Arches national park, which you need to make a reservation to get into. I took few pictures of the actual Arcs, because I cannot into be bothered. Next came Dead Horse Point; it's called that because the cowboys use to drive the wild horses up onto the plateau to catch them. We also visited Goblins state park, where part of the movie Galaxy Quest was filmed. We went some other random places to. I don't remember which belongs to what, so I'll be lazy and put them all here And our last stop was at Bryce national park, where I finally saw snow. I was ill prepared for such an event, however... I would have posted this an hour or so ago, but I honestly got distracted by something on Imgur, which was a nice start to the day.
  2. Post cool pictures (including art) of aerospace object here.
  3. Topic to post photo and video of various AFV seen through a thermal camera. I know that we won't be able to make any comparisons on the thermal signature of various tank without knowing which camera took the image and that the same areas (tracks, engine, sometimes exhaust) will always be the ones to show up but anyway: Just to see them under a different light than usual (pardon the terrible pun^^) Leclerc during a deployment test of the GALIX smoke dispenser: The picture on the bottom right was made using the castor sight (AMX 10 RC, AMX 30 B2) Akatsiya : T-72: A T-62 I think between 2 APC: Stryker: Jackal: HMMWV: Cougar 4x4: LAV:
  4. This is thread were we can share pictures of things that don't exist, things from other worlds, imagination-gone-wild-stuff. Although, less animea, tovarishchi. Something like this:
  5. ...actually nevermind i found this amazing site https://www.cybermodeler.com/armor/t-72/t-72_all.shtml and it has LOADS of pics and i'm happy...still how do you find high res images of tanks online ? i looked and looked but rarely found any,it can't be possible that people didn't take millions of 6000x4000 pics of tanks...right?
  6. So in light of our new, beloved, members, a small explanation on how to rehost pictures on Imgur and post them here. While different forums have different methods of hosting and showing pictures, I'm going to use Sturgeon's House as an example. And because I'm lazy, I'm going to use the Syrian Conflict topic. There are two ways of saving pictures on SH. One is to right-click on the picture and selecting "Save image as..." (actual text may vary depending on the browser used): The other option is to left-click the picture and click on "Save" at the bottom right of the picture. This will open the picture in a new tab: Here you can right-click the image and click on "Save Image As...". After doing so you can choose where to save the picture to. I use a seperate folder for the things I want to rehost. But you can save them wherever you want. ("Geupload" means "Uploaded", which is where I move the pictures after I've rehosted them) After saving the picture(s) on your computer, you should go to www.imgur.com. You can choose to make an Imgur account, but you don't have to. Pictures you upload while logged in will be saved on your account so you basically have a library of the pictures you uploaded. At the top of the page you will see this: Click on "upload images". The following pop-up appears. As you can see you can enter image URLs directly, but I don't know how well that works with URLs from forum attachments. Some forums only show attachments when logged in, or have some other bullshit thing where you can't link directly to the attachment. Click "browse your computer". It opens the file browser at the last location you've uploaded something from. Which in my case is the location where I saved the picture. Select one or more pictures and click "Open". You can select as many pictures as you want. The pop-up from earlier changes to this: You can choose to share the pictures with the community, but that means that everybody who browses Imgur can see the pictures you upload. They are allowed to vote and comment on your pictures. Sharing basically equals people being mean about whatever you upload. I advise against sharing. If you don't share, only people with the direct link can see the picture. If you want to upload more than one picture, you can choose to put them in an album. I generally don't and just smash "Start Upload". The pop-up disappears and a new one appears: If you upload a bunch of pictures together or in quick succession, you will get a Captcha question you have to answer before the uploads will continue. This can happen in the middle of an upload, so keep an eye on that. When it's done uploading the page will change to this: If you have uploaded more than one picture, they will appear as a list of pictures. Right-click the image and select "Copy Image". Go back to your post on SH (or go back to it if you already started one). You can either right-click and select "Paste" or click inside the text box and press Ctrl+V to paste the picture. The picture will then appear in the text box. Add some text, or just click "Add Reply" or in case you're making a new topic, click "Post New Topic". This is the way I rehost pictures on Imgur, and since I'm me, there are probably easier ways to do it.
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