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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday I created a thread on the Steel Beasts forum that would address the protection characteristic of the vehicles modelled in Steel Beasts. I included all kinds diagrams and images from various sources to back up my claims on various relevant vehicles. One of the sources was information contained int the now somewhat notorious presentation on the Swedish Tank Trials labeled as Stridsfordon idag och morgon. As you might know, this information contains images/diagrams that have been labelled "secret". After putting some effort into creating this post , it was deleted because it contained this "secret" information. Although I was/am under the impression that just deleting or sanitizing the "secret" diagram(s) should have done the trick, I can fully understand that the owner wants to be rather save than sorry because of potential legal liabilities and further complications. What happened next irked me a bit , to say the least. A person who will remain nameless, *cough* Gibsonm *cough*, who seems to serve in the Australian armored corps, who is a regular on the Steel Beasts forum informed us that he has to report any leaks containing classified/declassified information that have the words "secret" on it. Any incident he will inform the respective nations military attache in Australia about the leak. That includes the military attaches of the US, UK, Russia, China and any other countries information. It does not matter if these documents were leaked or declassified, he will have to report the leak to the proper authorities. Here is the conversation about the removal of the thread: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12504-about-that-deleted-thread/ What happened toward the end of the thread just takes the cake, IMHO. Another forum member posted a link to the War Thunder Challenger 1 historical reference thread to make a point: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/419818-datasheet-challenger-historical-references/ I quipped that his post technically violated the updated Forum rules and that it could get deleted. The nameless Australian individual had this to say about the link and my comment about "santizing" the diagrams: and How will the Sturgeon's house deal with situations such as this? Technically if any of you guys are posting this information on here , the nameless individual will have to report it. This also includes any previous and future diagrams that have the words "secret" on it from any nation even if they are declassified. Technically these diagrams might all have to be removed. I am all about a sensible degree of OPSEC but the behavior of this nameless Australian officer is a bit "rich" to put it mildly.
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