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Found 1 result

  1. This is the official thread for discussion of anything related to skiing/snowboarding on SH. If you like throwing yourself down a frozen mountain, or are at all interested, this is the place. My personal experience: I mostly ski in the northeast (New York / Vermont), have never tried snowboarding. All my experience is at resorts, so if you want to know more about crazy backcountry shit I might not be able to answer 100% (though I am seriously considering heading to Tuckerman Ravine this year). Basic advice: Wear a helmet Rating systems are uniform everywhere, what's a black diamond somewhere might be a blue at a more hardcore place. Anything above black diamond (and especially above double black) is as much marketing as difficulty rating. Difficulty depends on conditions Wear a helmet Taking a lesson your first time is probably a good idea Make sure your boots are properly fitted Resources: http://www.skibum.net/ Site with a bunch of general info about skiing, and has little blurbs/ratings about a whole lot of American ski/snowboard places, grouped by state (surprised how many midwest states have ski places). Has a pro-ski / anti-snowboard tilt. https://www.liftopia.com/ Deals on lift tickets (it is an expensive hobby, especially if you go to Aspen or Vail) http://nyskiblog.com/ Blog about New York skiing http://forums.alpinezone.com/forumdisplay.php/10-Northeast-Skiing-and-Snowboarding-Forum Forum about skiing in the Northeast https://www.tetongravity.com/forums/ General skiing forum, but has more of a western audience. Also appears to have a vibrant shitposting culture. http://mountainvertical.com/ Shows de-marketified vertical ratings for each mountain. Vertical (distance from top to bottom) is a big deal for marketing, and there's a lot of ways to fudge it. http://www.goremountain.com/ http://www.whiteface.com/ The two places I go most often. Whiteface has more vertical and longer runs, but is farther away and is often windy and iced over. Gore is closer, less crowded, and sometimes has better conditions. http://timefortuckerman.com/ Site about Tuckerman Ravine, one of the holy sites of Northeast skiing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzmlnH8vDQHoEb2TrC0WDCg Jerry of the Day Pic at the top is from the summit of Whiteface about a year ago.
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