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Found 3 results

  1. What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been PC gaming has been a hell of a ride. I say "has been" both in the sense that exciting and dynamic things have happened, but also in the sense that the most exciting and dynamic times are behind us. No other form of video gaming is as closely tied to the latest developments in personal computing hardware, and current trends do not suggest that anything dramatically new and exciting is immediately around the corner. Indeed, fundamental aspects of semiconductor physics suggest that chip technology is nearing, or perhaps already on a plateau where
  2. So my Galaxy S II which I got used a couple of years back is about to give up and die. I'm looking for input on what the best value for $ is. Was wondering if anyone around SH had any strong opinions on which handsets are the best value for money. Will probably end up spending $2-300 at the end of the month.
  3. Everything Scott says about the modern misuse of smartphones, I agree with. His conclusion that therefore one shouldn't own one, I don't. Yes, smartphone plans are pretty usurious. So is rent, fast food prices, car payments, and a host of other things that we nonetheless put up with. If you are intelligent, you will find people you trust and work well with (such as a family, if yours hasn't been blasted out of existence by Progress), control yourself when considering the options, and end up with something that will much less negatively affect your monthly bottom line. If you don't feel you n
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