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Found 5 results

  1. In a joint press conference this morning, AU PM Scott Morrison, UK PM Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden announced the acquisition of SSN and domestic nuclear manufacturing capability to replace our 6 SSK. This will substitute the previously programmed 12 “shortfin barracuda” SSNK (denuclearised barracuda SSN). This is a massive change for Australia. ADBR story ADM story ABC news story So far the reports are all saying the same thing.
  2. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/08/21/russia-s-got-a-mysterious-new-submarine.html Interesting. I didn't know the Russians had done this. A logical use for the hull. Tho 14 years to get it close to completion... ugh. Those funding cuts.
  3. I've already talked about terrible British submarines from the Great War period, let's talk about ones that are actually pretty cool; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_R-class_submarine For bonus points, bring this up whenever anybody spergs about how the type XXI was the first submarine designed for underwater performance.
  4. This thread is for discussion of ICBM basing options, as outlined in the linked paper (written in 1980). While some of them seem absurd (dirigible basing!), others appear to be more realistic.
  5. The USSR's Project 705 class submarines incorporated many technological advances for their time. For instance, operation of the submarine was intended to be highly automated, reducing the total crew by a large amount. Additionally, it used large amounts of titanium in the hull, and a liquid metal cooled reactor, meaning that it could dive to much deeper depths and travel at higher speeds. In theory, the 705s should have been superior to any US Navy submarine design. However, they suffered from maintainence issues, were expensive to operate, and were exceptionally noisy, even compared to contemporary Soviet submarines. (via wikiped) I'm not very knowledgeable about naval matters, so I'm curious as to whether the 705's failings were the result of an inherently flawed concept behind their design, or because the Soviets at the time did not have the knowledge/technology to implement it properly.
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