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Found 8 results

  1. SH_MM once uploaed this piece of image on this thread and I want to know where this is from. Is there anyone who can tell me the name of the book?
  2. This is a thread about dead trees and dead tree substitutes. For example, I just scored this sexy number for only $12: It's a pretty huge book (think coffee table sized) with amazing maps: A brief inspection reveals some idiocy, but it doesn't detract much from the pretty pictures Post your bookshelves itt
  3. Since I have a new interview with Ken Estes available on my site, I thought I would start a thread on the topic. This is the place to post links to interviews with tankers and/or authors. Marines Under Armor: An Interview with Kenneth Estes Here are my older pieces: A Military, Political and Global History of Armoured Warfare: An Interview with Alaric Searle Patton versus the Panzers: An Interview with Steven Zaloga Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front: An Interview with Robert Forczyk Germany’s Panzer Arm in WWII: An In
  4. Hi People, Richard Ogorkiewicz's new and rather excellent book, 100 years: evolution of the tank, is currently going dirt cheap (99p) on UK Amazon as a Kindle book. Sorry, I don't know the situation in North America or Europe, you will need to check your local Amazon. cheers Marsh
  5. About to read a (stolen) copy of Let the games begin!
  6. So I thought it might be a fun project to create a list of authors who have written about tanks and armored warfare for my website. I was going to limit the list to authors who have been published in English. I was thinking I would categorize them and provide whatever biographical info that I could. I started going through my book collection and files collecting names. I am not finished and I already am getting overwhelmed. I have not included memoirs by armor officers unless they were actual tank commanders. Here is what I have so far, not sorted or organized yet: List of Tank and AFV
  7. I declare this book to be required reading. Military Metallurgy by Alistair Doig. download here.
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