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Found 2 results

  1. I was curious about what americans think about monarchies. Since the US has always been a Federal Republic with no king, I though you guys might have different views form say a Englishman, or a Saudi. I mainly want to focus on constitutional monarchies, but other types are welcome to discuss too. If you are from another country feel free to drop by too. This thread was created to share opinions of monarchies, and not to be political. So please do not start a flame war about crowing Trump king of America or something along that line. What inspired was a radical left movemen
  2. The Republic Aviation company, of Long Island, produced several designs for jet fighter aircraft. Some of these, such as the F-84 and F-105, made it into production and are fairly well known. Others, like the XF-91 or XF-103, are more obscure. This thread is intended to give a brief introduction to some of these designs. Republic Aviation Jet Aircraft F-84 Thunderjet F-84F Thunderstreak XF-84H Thunderscreech XF-91 Thunderceptor XF-103 F-105 Thunderchief AP-75 (XF-108 Competitor) FR-150 (XFV-12 Competitor)
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