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Found 1 result

  1. I've posted this on SomethingAwful before, but here's a repost for those of you who haven't given Lowtax tenbux. Warning: it's very long. The Swedish original is called JA 37: pilot och system and is a transcript of a witness seminar held at the Stockholm Museum of Technology in 2007, with a lot of old geezers who had worked on the development of both the Viggen and other Saab aircraft. A very brief glossary: - FMV is the Defense Materiel Administration, which was (and is) the government authority responsible for buying and developing all kinds of equipment for the Swedish armed forces. At the time when the Viggen was being developed, FMV still had a lot of engineers in house, which was considered important since it was thought at that time that in order to buy or develop a good system you had to know how it worked. - SRA is Svenska Radioaktiebolaget (Swedish Radio Company). Acquired by Ericsson in 1983. - LM Ericsson is just Ericsson. The name comes from the full formal name of the company, "Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson", which in turn is named after its founder Lars Magnus Ericsson. - JA 37 is the fighter version of the Viggen. - AJ 37 is the strike version, which predates the fighter version by about ten years (entered service around 1970; the JA 37 around 1980). - 35, or aircraft 35 is the Draken. - 37, or aircraft 37 is the Viggen airframe in general. - 39, or aircraft 39, or JAS 39 is the Gripen. My comments are in parentheses. Please ask away if there's anything that seems unclear.
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