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Found 1 result

  1. Background Your country has a pest-control problem. Fascists have invaded and are up to their usual tricks. But fear not! Like the Poles before you, you can make cheap submachine guns in secret, and build up your stockpile in preparation for Operation Remove Fascist. The only problem is that these are ultra-fascists, and the only cartridge with enough Freedom to kill an ultra-fascist is .45 ACP. Goals Design a submachine gun that can be mass-produced in secret to help cleanse the streets of ultra-fascists. The design must be chambered for .45 ACP, but all other design choices are up to the designer. Ultra-facists, not being completely stupid, will be on the lookout for subversive activity. Therefore your design should use common materials that are extremely common and not obviously related to weapons' manufacture. Historically, plumbing materials and sheet metal have been popular, but again this is up to you. Your bill of materials should be as innocuous and secure as possible, and the number of manufacturing operations that give away that you're turning these things into weapons should have minimal man-hours required, to keep the number of conspirators down to a minimum. Your design priorities are, in order: 1) Secrecy 2) Cost 3) Weapon effectiveness The strange economics of the guerrilla mean that cost, as such, isn't so much a concern as secrecy. A design that requires laborious machining of a steel billet is better than one that is made of cheap stampings if you only need one small mill and one machinist versus a large industrial stamping press, specialized dies and an assembly team of operators. Consider common, innocuous, every-day mass produced consumer items for parts. Could a door-knob be finagled into working as a sear mechanism? Can standardized square tubing be converted into magazines? Also consider the costs involved. Who is financing this operation? How are the finances disguised? How are the purchases made to look innocuous? Does anyone need to be bribed? I expect to see reasonably detailed designs with basic relevant calculations for rate of fire and weight performed. A good solid modelling program will be helpful, but this is the sort of thing that can be (and has, many times) been done on graph paper. Or whatever they had in Leningrad when the Nazis were attacking that passed for graph paper. Resources Operating system I leave to your discretion, but since I assume most of the designs will be blowback operated, I am providing links to all the resources you would need to design a functional submachine gun in .45 ACP. A pressure vs. time curve for .45 ACP. The integral of this curve (times bore area) will be momentum. A pressure vs bullet travel time curve for .45 ACP. The integral of this curve (times bore area) will be energy. Chinn's The Machine Gun Chapter 4 Semi-empirical notes on submachine gun design Contest Rules Stuff I will be sponsoring this contest. The single, indivisible award is $50, deliverable by PayPal. If you live in some horrible country that doesn't have PayPal and you intend to enter the contest, PM me so we can figure out something ahead of time. I am also accepting applications for judging this contest, but per the master rules judges cannot receive prizes. All submissions must be finalized by August the 29th, 2016. Alright, time to get your STEN on. There are fascists what need killed.
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