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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!


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Secondary function, It's primary role is as a command and director vehicle for batteries of SPAAAs such as the PGZ-95 and PGZ-07 (which typically operate in batteries of 6 vehicles, important to keep them all on target and at peak performance) and for CIWS batteries.

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New mobile chassis for Chinese ICBMs. 









Missile transport vehicles always look so ....derpy for me.


Anyway, the Missile itself appears to be the latest in their inventory, the DF-41, the older DF-31 series usually uses a tractor-trailer setup like so for it's transporter.



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When you go into the area of Cruise and Ballistic missiles, you start to realize something.


China has a fuckton of different designs, I'm surprised they don't try to retire some in favor of just the newer ones.


*Waits for someone to post Tony Williams Gerpersherr Missile joke.*

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