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A thread for reviewing the live performances of musicians, and also the venues they play at.

Went to see Ne Obliviscaris at the Dallas House of Blues tonight. Unconventionally, the tour manager decided to have the best band play first and with the shittiest sound quality, but Ne managed to pull off a pretty compelling show all the same. Went there, saw them, got the t-shirt.

Two other bands played after them, a horrible band called "Butcher Babies" that was trying so hard to be edgy their logo literally has knives on it, and Cradle of Filth (listed as something called a "headliner", which I can only assume is a portmanteau of "headbanging" and "eyeliner"). I'd heard of Cradle of Filth before, and hoped to enjoy their performance, but the Dallas House of Blues' sound team was incompetent and the vocalist's performance sounded like feedback. I tried to enjoy their set for about half an hour, but then the feedback got to me and I bailed.

I can't wait to see Ne Obliviscaris with proper sound quality. As for the Dallas House of Blues, save your money an go somewhere else. They sound like shit.

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Cradle of Filth.  I'm FB friends with the keyboardist.  Lindsay is cool. My Daughter loves her to bits. She took her trick or treating two Halloweens ago. :)


They seemed like a really entertaining band, but imagine going to a perfectly decent show and then having feedback piped directly to both ears every 30 seconds.

I don't really think CoF is my cup of tea, but at this point I'm just about determined to see them again at a different venue just to stick it to Dallas House of Blues.

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