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Can't get the images to work here.  Interesting concept.



AVX Aircraft of Benbrook, Texas has responded to the US Army’s request for information on the smallest of five planned Future Vertical Lift (FVL) capability sets with two 7.5t (16,700lb) winged coaxial compound helicopter configurations that the company’s chief executive describes as vertical takeoff fighter aircraft for light reconnaissance, attack, assault and medical evacuation missions.

The baseline tapered-wing, 13.4m (44ft) diametre rotor concept would be powered by two 3,000shp Improved Turbine Technology Programme (ITEP) engines and is designed to meet a demanding set of core requirements proposed by the US Army in its “Capability Set 1” RFI document. The requirements that emerged for that next-generation rotorcraft category required a more robust design than the 4.5t (10,000lb) light single that AVX discussed with the Army back in January for Capability Set 1 (CS1), prior to the 18 February RFI release."

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They would have to overcome retreating blade stall somehow... Maybe by feathering the rotor?

Contra props solve the problem to a large extent - your stall in one blade set is matched by stall in the other.

From there, the issue becomes that the advancing part of the blade is going to go supersonic long before the chopper gets close to a high mach number. Supposedly the issue can be partially alleviated by tip design, but I don't think that it's in any way a solved issue.

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LoooSeR peers into your soul....


.....And finds nothing in particular but sperg, but does note his post ninjaing skills.



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