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7 minutes ago, Belesarius said:

On what grounds do you say that?


I'm merely relying on the findings of an aviation specialist I know. His arguments are that DoD never confirmed such information, neither about the AIM-120 nor about the AIM-9, and that CNN has added that information with the sole validation of "Two US officials told CNN". 

I'll be waiting for official confirmation. Until then, I maintain doubt.

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I don't know which is stranger, that there's a youtube video of a sock puppet explaining the difference between air to air missiles... or that it's actually pretty good:  

Chinese Xian H-6 medium bombers ready for maritime orientation flight on Saturday. Looking decidedly Old School.  

The optics for both gunner and pilot include thermal imagers made by Safran (based on their Iris product line). The Osiris mast-mounted sight also includes other optics, a laser-rangefinder and an aut

On 24.06.2017 at 9:42 PM, Belesarius said:

On what grounds do you say that?


1) No evidence of this exist (never saw one)

2) No credible source told that Su-22 managed to dodge anything

3) First reports about missile missing target came from questinable sources

4) This detail doesn't really matter for what happened, so it sounds like somebody tried to "undermine" impression from Su-22 shot down in same way as american massmedias tried to "undermine" first Kalibr missile strike in Syria by pulling "4 missiles failed" story out of their assholes.

5) That SyAAF Su-22 have no way to detect incoming missile as far as i know

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Rumors say that we could get some used Gripens from the Swedish Air force, or the new Gripen NG which is more likely, or even the posibility of F-16 Block 70s though the latter one is more unlikely and is probably just used to create pressure for SAAB so they will go down on the price of the Gripen NG.

Though officially they really didn´t specify to which aircraft they would buy, but the F-16 and the Gripen were the initial contenders back in the day.


What is interesting though is that the defense ministry said that they would also consider Russian made jets ....a purchase is very very unlikely for obvious reasons , but it surprises me that even in times of sanctions they atleast didn´t back off from the possibility.

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According to a QQ group I'm in, the Russian Air Force lost a fighter in an accident to engines malfunctioning on takeoff.


I don't know the fate of the pilot(s) at this time but will keep it updated.







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