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I don't know which is stranger, that there's a youtube video of a sock puppet explaining the difference between air to air missiles... or that it's actually pretty good:  

Chinese Xian H-6 medium bombers ready for maritime orientation flight on Saturday. Looking decidedly Old School.  

The optics for both gunner and pilot include thermal imagers made by Safran (based on their Iris product line). The Osiris mast-mounted sight also includes other optics, a laser-rangefinder and an aut


   The newspaper "Kommersant" in the article by Ivan Safronov "Sukhoi aircraft firmly settled in India. Delhi has been buying 18 more fighter assembly kits” writes that India may purchase additional kits for assembling Su-30MKI fighter jets on its territory from 2020. The fact of receiving the relevant application was confirmed yesterday by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC). According to unofficial information, we are talking about 18 sets with a total cost of over $ 1 billion. This purchase will allow the Indian military to increase the number of fighter squadrons of the Air Force equipped with this type of aircraft to 14. In turn, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP) export orders will load capacity to the start of mass production of the civil airliner MS-21.


   Pakistan military forum memes:


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The A380 is ceasing production in 2021; https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/02/citing-lack-of-demand-airbus-cancels-a380-superjumbo-aircraft/


In general, things have been trending away from large airliners, the 747-8 is still only barely alive, plus mid-sized birds like the 767, 777, and A330 are more capable than previous twins.

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Rafael shows its new ROCKS missile in India. Judging by its shape, it's designed to fly a ballistic path.

Nose-mounted optical sensor allows for accurate engagement in GPS-denied environment.

Steering possible via rear fins.


Said to be capable of launching from "significant" ranges outside the protection envelope of land based defense systems. It means we can expect a range that is longer than IMI's Rampage's 150km range, I assume 300-400km is required to deal with the longest range air defense systems currently in service, especially as launching this missile requires high altitude flight.


Its warhead is also said to be suitable for defeating either targets on ground, or targets "deep" underground.

It is additionally capable of engaging moving targets.



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4 hours ago, Ramlaen said:

Kinda makes a lot of sense for your trainer airfleet to be usable in conflict situations.


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