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http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2019/September 2019/Raytheon-Unveils-New-Air-to-Air-Missile.aspx


Raytheon is developing the "Peregrine," a new medium-range air-to-air missile that is half the size of current dogfight missiles but offers greater speed and longer range. The weapon would allow Air Force fighter jets to double or triple their munitions loads, sharply increasing the number of shots they could take in a single mission.


The weapon is expected to measure just under 6 feet long and 150 pounds, less than half the weight and length of Raytheon's AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile and AIM-9X Sidewinder that fly on fighters across the Defense Department.



The Peregrine will have a multi-mode, autonomous seeker that includes infrared imaging. It uses a “new, high-performance propulsion system" to boost speed, Noyes said. He would only characterize the missile's range as “from visual range to within medium range” but said Peregrine is a supersonic munition.

The all-weather, day or night weapon has a blast fragmentation warhead and a “new lightweight airframe and high-performance modular control system” that allows for highly accurate targeting, Noyes said.



Peregrine is meant to complement, not replace, the AMRAAM and Sidewinder.



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I don't know which is stranger, that there's a youtube video of a sock puppet explaining the difference between air to air missiles... or that it's actually pretty good:  

Chinese Xian H-6 medium bombers ready for maritime orientation flight on Saturday. Looking decidedly Old School.  

The optics for both gunner and pilot include thermal imagers made by Safran (based on their Iris product line). The Osiris mast-mounted sight also includes other optics, a laser-rangefinder and an aut

One of the last five or so operational Slovak MiG-29 crashed. The pilot ejected and is ok. The reason of the accident is under investigation but it seems the plane ran out of fuel when it was diverted to Bratislava airfield due to a bad weather in Sliač. The spox said there may have been an issue with the fuel system but that must be determined by the investigation comitee. 


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   Mil and Kamov design bureaus will unite into the National Center for Helicopter Engineering by 2022


   The corresponding decision was made following a meeting of the board of directors of the management company - Russian Helicopters holding of Rostec state corporation

   The two largest developers of Russian helicopters - the Mil and Kamov design bureaus - decided to merge into a single structure - the National Center for Helicopter Engineering (NCV). This was announced on Friday by TASS in the press service of Russian Helicopters.


   "The first stage, involving the renaming of the Moscow Helicopter Plant (MVZ) named after M. L. Mil and the merger with Kamov, is planned to be completed by mid-2020. Further integration processes related to optimizing the activities of two design bureaus in the format of one company will last until 2022 ", TASS was told in Russian Helicopters.

   As the press service explained, such a decision was made following a meeting of the board of directors of the managing company - Russian Helicopters holding of Rostec state corporation.


   In “Helicopters of Russia” they promise to keep two design schools and leave their names in the name - “Mi” and “Ka” /.../ ”According to experts, the association should not only lead to the necessary optimization of companies, but also strengthen their position in the global market.

   “It is a matter of combining companies, not the design bureaus themselves. The organizational and staff structure provides for the preservation and development of two experimental design schools,” said the head of Russian Helicopters, Andrei Boginsky.

   Legally, the association will take place on the basis of the MVZ Mil. The holding company notes that this is due primarily to the fact that the MVZ is a larger company both in terms of the number of personnel and in terms of finance. At the same time, equal conditions, opportunities and prospects will be provided for the design and engineering staff of Kamov and Mil. As for the reduction, it will amount to about 5% of the total number of employees and will affect exceptional non-core and managerial personnel.


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   Moscow, October 25 - "Vesti.Ekonomika". Russia and Turkey are "close to signing a deal" to acquire 36 Su-35 units with the possibility of producing some of individual components in Turkey for Russian fighters. This was reported with reference to unnamed sources by the Daily Sabah.

   In addition to the purchase of the Su-35, the parties are discussing the possibility of Turkey participating in the production of not only individual components of fighter jets, but also the use of precision weapons, as well as other ammunition.



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On 6/24/2019 at 7:08 PM, LoooSeR said:

   Some information surfaced about new missile shown on Mi-28NM - LMUR (light multipurpose guided missile, possibly official name for Izdelie 305), people were able to connect dots when designer gave official name to that missile.


https://bmpd.livejournal.com/2987129.html from 2017


   Max range later increased or was misreported earlier.



   Taking into account that in TVZvezda show designers told that helicopter modernization was done in the first place to use that missile it is safe to assume that Izdelie 305 is LMUR. 

   From images of that missile we can conclude that it is 2+ meters long, around ~200-220 mm caliber. Taking into account that Mi-28NM can carry 4 500kg bombs we can predict possible weight of new missile - around 200-250 kg each (8 missiles per gunship with 2 tons max payload). 

   Also, it is very likely that current launchers for those missiles are test models.


   Guidance system (again from Izveztiya article linked above):


  Reveal hidden contents






   Funny how similar parts of LMUR sounds to Hermes-A

   Missile was supposed to use rather big HE warhead (around 40-46 kg) to defeat targets (although probably that was planned only for ground-launched version with 100 km range) and it could deal with wide range of targets, not only tanks and AFVs. Difference is that Hermes-A was supposed to be lighter and each Ka-52 could had carry 16 of those things.


   Also, that long range version of Hermes (100 km) have connection to another weapon system - VTRK. So at this point i can say that Hermes program was probably dead for long time, but parts of it were re-used or under finishing development for weapon systems with different names.


   And here are twin launchers (APU-305) for a new guided anti-tank missile (Izdelie 305/LMUR).











9-A-7755 - light multipurpose guided missile "Prefix" izdelie 305

   Not sure if Prefix is name of a missile or R&D.

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13 dead in a collision between a Cougar and Tiger helicopter at low altitude.

The accident occured while they were tracking a terrorist group detected a few hours earlier.



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Congress wants the Air Force to consider transferring some funding allocated for light attack planes to U.S. Special Operations Command — a provision that could allow the service to quietly quash its light attack effortsand allow SOCOM to step in to run a program of record.


Transferring light attack to SOCOM seems like a good solution if Congress is going to insist on procuring them.

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