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General artillery, SPGs, MLRS and long range ATGMs thread.

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On 3/6/2020 at 11:15 PM, LoooSeR said:



The ISDM remote mining system will be shown for the first time in Moscow at a military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Fatherland War of 1941-1945.








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Object 326 SPG (Unofficial name - "Shayba"), was an initiative development by DB. 46 rounds, "double stack" in circular autoloader, crew in hull compartment outside of "turret". The gun, ammunition ra

2S18 Pat-S, an experimental precursor to the 2S31.  Armament was a SA61 152mm howitzer.    

New Japanese 155 mm SPG    

On 6/12/2020 at 12:38 AM, LoooSeR said:

   Tosochka MRLS (new TOS on Ural chassis)







   Tosochka/TOS-2 have lower number of rockets in launcher (6 tubes in a row, 3 rows = 18 rockets, TOS-1A have 8x3 = 24 rockets)





   Another photo of several TOS-2/Tosochka




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22 minutes ago, Beer said:

What is the thing on the roof the TOS-2? Some radar tracking the rockets like in the Koalitsiya?/.../

   Sight, like one TOS-1A have.



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   Jesus, this shit is still going on...


   Ukroboronprom transferred the Bars-8MMK mobile mortars with barrels unsuitable for battle to the UAF.


   Finally, it became clear why the military did not use this new weapon advertised by the concern.

   The battery of mobile mortars "Bars-8MMK", which was transferred to the Armed Forces by the concern "Ukroboronprom" in the fall of 2019, was not accepted by the combat units of the Ukrainian army contrary to the statements of the concern.


   GP Ukroboronservis, which is part of the Ukroboronprom Group of Companies, successfully carried out acceptance tests of the Bars-8MMK mobile mortar installations in one of the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The equipment was transferred as part of the state defense order, "said then concern and posted the corresponding video.


   But, as Defense Express became aware, the Ministry of Defense refused to accept the Bars-8MMK due to the fact that the main weapons of the vehicles - 120 mm mortars were with substandard barrels and did not have firing tables. That is, how to aim them and how reliable the mortar barrels themselves are - remains unknown.


   Therefore, instead of airborne assault troops, a battery of mobile mortars was sent to a storage base in the city of Orzhiv. There already half a year from the moment of "transfer" "Bars" are still standing, and the UAF is now looking for other mortars.


   The situation is saved by the fact that Bars-8MMK can use various mortars, without reference to a specific manufacturer. Therefore, as an alternative solution, the Ministry of Defense decided to use a new mortar developed by the private company Ukrainian Armored Equipment at Bars-8 MMK.


   This mortar is now undergoing state tests. The reliability of new barrels - as one of the elements of state testing - is now being tested at the training ground by specialists of the State Institute of Arms and Military Equipment Testing and Certification of the Armed Forces in Chernigov.





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   Managed to catch convoy of military vehicles arriving to St.Petersburg for tomorrow's Victory Parade. Here are artillery vehicles and guns (nothing new, if you are looking for that kind of info).













   Msta-S SPGs


































   Towed artillery - D-30 122 mm guns towed by Urals and Bears with Giatsint-B 152 mm guns.


















   Iskanders. They were the loudest non-tracked vehicle and their exhaust were creating their own local greenhouse effect and killing birds mid-air.



































   Control panel is visible.


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   On the video you can see a launch of ALAS long range ATGM.




   Defense industry leaders in Serbia presented the home-built modular Oganj self-propelled multiple rocket launcher capable of firing several different guided and unguided artillery rockets or even anti-tank guide missiles.


   The new weapon system, called the LRSVM M-18, was unveiled during the visit of the Serbian Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin to the “Nikinci” Weapons and Military Equipment Testing Centre.


   As to the new artillery rocket system, it is a weapon with completely new capabilities of firing all existing types of unguided rocket projectiles, including the 40 km-range projectiles that have already been developed and 50 km-range rocket projectiles that are being developed, including the rocket with flight path correction.

   The advanced version of the Oganj system is a Serbian first artillery weapon that can fire guided rockets as well, and as part of the work on the prototype weapon, all sub-systems for preparing, firing and guiding a rocket, such as the ALAS rocket, were integrated.


   “This is the basis for further improvement, because the “ALAS” rocket is neither the final nor the most powerful rocket that will be launched from this system. The Military Technical Institute is also developing “Košava 1” and “Košava 2″ rockets, which will increase the range of our missile artillery to over 50 kilometres and they will have warheads of great destructive power, capable of destroying hardened targets and significant stationary objects,” the Assistant Minister for Material Resources pointed out.


...It has a lightly armoured cabin that protects the crew from shrapnel and rifle ammunition. It allows the use of all available rockets that we have in our armament and those that we will develop. The “ALAS” system is integrated into it – an anti-armour guided rocket,” said Lieutenant Colonel Puhača.


   “This is an optical cable guided rocket where there is no possibility of interfering with the rocket during its flight and the operator who launches the rocket in the area of targets chooses the target to hit,” Lieutenant Colonel Puhača emphasized.



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   For Polish forces.


RAFAEL unveils Multi-Missile SPIKE NLOS Launcher Configuration on BWP-1 & ROSOMAK for the Polish Tank Destroyer "Ottokar-Brzoza" Tender
The new launcher and the missiles will be co-produced in Poland


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      Official model of unknown "artillery vehicle". Yeah, Putin, we know that this is T-14. Note Gatling gun on turret right side.
      Artist impression of T-14 based on known model, by Fyodor Podporin. 

      T-14 will use Relikt ERA, which is considerable improvement over Kontakt-5 in resisting to tandem HEAT warheads and EFPs.

      Side skirts would be thicker on a real vehicle, i think. Relikt have AFAIK bigger size than Kontakt-5 ERA build-in blocks.

      Whole album with renders: 
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            I really like how turret looks, but i don't understand why there is such a big turret "busket" for unmanned turret with all ammo placed inside of hull in special armored housing. Also, i don't see gunner sight and proposed FSC radar on 3D model (i assume that panoramic sight is for commander). Laser sensors on 3D model are from T-90A variant of "Shtora".
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      I also have some Soviet artillery survivabilty manuals and Soviet artillery order of battle data but I'm have some trouble with actual artillery unit manuals and the like. 
      Anyone have a good source? 
    • By Marsh
      The Magach based Spike launcher, the Pereh or Wild has been officially revealed. Thanks to "Camera" at the Mess for the heads up. The vehicle has been in service for 30 years!
      Links currently available in Hebrew only. 

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