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ATGMs and RPGs for infantry - a thread for rebels around the world to choose their ATGM supplier.


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   This is general thread for all infantry-carried (or semi-infantry-carried) ATGMs. Here we will collect all the data on ATGMs and their combat use.


   Short information on ATGMs - ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) is a type of precision weapon that can be used by vehicles, helicopters and infantry. Main difference between them are type of guidance, warhead, range, weight (important for infantry).



Konkurs-M ATGM and 9M113M missile for it.



Vehicle-based Konkurs ATGM system.


   2 type of warheads are most common among ATGMs - HEAT and thermobaric. HEAT is anti-tank/anti-vehicle warhead, while thermobaric is anti-infantry/soft targets warhead.


   There's 3 types of guidance systems that are used in ATGM systems in use by infantry - MCLOS, SACLOS and fire and forget. SACLOS is most common type of guidance, while fire and forget is most advanced that gained a lot in recent decade. MCLOS is almost non-existant today. Some systems like several models of Spike family use combined type of guidance (fire and forget or via operator using missile's warhead optics and controls on launching module to guide missile by himself). SACLOS and fire and forget are pretty accurate and reliable methods of missile control, which is a reason for popularity of them between different designs.


   I don't think there is a need to explain RPGs.



    Will begin combat use section with this - from Syrian, Lattakia province - close ATGM support (looks like Konkurs).



   TOW-2A vs T-90 (early model)


   Kurds with Javelin ("Fck you, Ukraine, no Javs for you!" lol)








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   Iranian Typhoon ATGM, which is a copy of early TOW models. Iranians copied systems that were sold to them during Iraqi-Iranian war in 80s.



   Kornet ATGM. During 2005-2006 several Al-Mukowama (Hezbollah) AT crews were send to Iran to learn this system. About 2 or 3 Kornet crews operated in southern Lebanon during Israely attack. One case of combat use of Kornet was confirmed (against Merkava 4).


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Since I'm feeling lazy, copying a post I made a long time ago, but, China's latest man portable ATGM system.


HJ-12 135mm top attack anti tank missile.


They attempted to debut the model earlier this year at a French air show, but got told no after finding out they intended to bring a live missile system to display. It wasn't hindered this time at the Zhuhai airshow however.


(Note that HJ = Hong Jian, which means Red Arrow in English, this is a common designation for guided anti tank missiles)


Range: 2000-4000m


Length(Missile): 1.00m




Weight(Missile): 17kg


Guidance/Operation: Infrared Imaging and CCD, Top attack or direct fire capable.


Charge/Fuze: Tandem Heat with 1,100 RHAe behind ERA penetration, Impact fuzed.



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I am intrigued by the Bofos Strix system:

Essentially a fire-and-forget top-attack ATGM that is fired out of a mortar.  They claim 7km range with the sustainer motor attached, which is very, very long for an ATGM.


We have something similar, although not "fire and forget" - it needs laser illumination of target.






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I love this quirky old ATGM:



That gigantic missile is a British Malkara, a first-generation ATGM.  It was a wire-guided, command line-of-sight weapon.


The missile was intended to be a lightweight, air-portable weapon.  I guess it was lightweight in comparison to traditional AT guns, but it was a monster compared to other early ATGMs at about eight times as heavy as a Malyutka!


The warhead was a completely ridiculous 26 kg 203mm HESH warhead, which is about six times heavier than the HESH round fired from Chieftain's L11 gun.

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