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ATGMs and RPGs for infantry - a thread for rebels around the world to choose their ATGM supplier.

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"Variant" shovel-grenade launcher. Yes, you heard it right. Shovel GL firing VOG-25s.




15 soldiers of the German army and navy were trained in a training course in Hammelburg with a new launch unit (ICLU) for the anti-tank system MELLS, known outside the Bundeswehr as Spike. Five-day training at the infantry training center was carried out by civilian instructors from the Israeli defense concern (Rafael).


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The French army is preparing for the first operational deployment of its new 140-mm caliber Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) digital missile system.




   Major Jean-Luc Dietler of the Technique de l'Armée de Terre (STAT) section of the French Ministry of Defense told Jane that the MMP systems will be deployed with four French army regiments - 2e Régiment Etranger d'Infanterie, 2e Régiment Etranger Parachutistes, 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes and 3e Régiment de Hussards - and a regiment of special forces of the French army in support of Operation Barhane in Mali in June or September of this year.


   Developed by the MBDA in France for the requirements of the French army, the MMP is designed to replace the missiles MBDA Milan and Lockheed Martin / Raytheon FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, which are currently in service with the army and special services, as well as Euromissile HOT (Haut subonique Optiquement Téléguidé Tiré d'un Tube) and MTDA Eryx ATGM, mounted on armored personnel carriers of the Vahicule de l'avant blindé (VAB) 6th armored personnel carrier.


   The MMP will intergraded with the future FÉLIN infantry program (Fantassin à Équipement et Liaisons Intégrés) of the French army. It will also be integrated with the Nexter Systems CT40M turret with 40 mm autocannon, chosen to equip the future French army with 6x6 Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et the Combat (EBRC: an armored combat and reconnaissance vehicle designated as "Jaguar") in the Engin Blindé Multi (EBMR) segment of the French army worth about 5 billion euros (5.93 billion US dollars). 

   The ATGM is equipped with a combined guidance system, which includes a thermal imaging, a television guidance, an inertial navigation system, and guidance via fiber optic cable. The navigation and inertial system is produced by Sagem Défense Sécurité, it combines an uncooled infrared sensor and a television camera. Fiber-optic communication (Nexans) allows to broadcast the videofeed to the launcher from missile and control the rocket. The flight path can be either direct or ballistic, to hit tanks in the roof.

   The missile has a dual launch system to ensure the safety of firing from enclosed spaces. The cruising speed is 160 m / s. The maximum range of flight is 4,1 km.


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Chinese Red Arrow ATGMs



Poly Defence GAM-102 ATGM





and GAM-100 AFAIK




   The GAM-100 and 102 were designed to counter the threat of armored vehicles and fortifications in a maximum range of respectively 2500 meters and 4000 meters.

... GAM-10X trajectory can be selected between overhead and direct attack, depending on target type

   The GAM-102 missile’s modular design allows for integration and installation on a variety of vehicle platforms, from light all-terrain vehicle (L-ATV) to tracked IFV. The missile have high explosive and tandem charged armor penetration warhead able to reach about 1000 mm penetration depth.


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Belarusian MM-60.


Armor piercing capability - 300 mm. The weight of the grenade in the container is 4 kg, sights and electronics - 1 kg, the range of the direct shot is 150 m, the aimed shots can be taken at ranges up to 400 m.



   The DSS allows neutralizing of the human factor and increasing firing accuracy in a substantial manner. Owing to modern optoelectronics and special software, distorting action made by an operator, including hand tremor, have been mitigated almost to the full extent. The DSS also features air burst function, shoring up the grenade's capabilities to engage an enemy's manpower in buildings and open engineering installations. The integration of a laser rangefinder, a ballistic calculator, and an inertial measurement unit allows defining of a target's trajectory and calculating of a position of the marker, making target engagement easier. The DSS is fitted with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail for collimator or reflex sights.


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On 5/17/2018 at 5:57 PM, LoooSeR said:

Unknown new russian RPG, probably named "Termit" (Termite) according to that:







Sight module, likely to be with build-in FCS of some sort.

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Rosgvardia buys launchers for "Kornets" and thermal imaging sights for them




   Today, public procurement portal have information on tenders for the purchase by the Federal Service of Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation of 9P163 launchers of anti-tank missile systems "Kornet". At the moment, two lots have been published, with 8 kits in each. The price of each lot is 53 750 227 rubles. Or for 6.7 million rubles for the kit.








In addition, the tender for 1PN79M-3 thermal imaging sights for them has been separately published. 51,200,860 rubles or 6.4 million rubles apiece is offered for 8 sets.




Why Rosgvardia needs Kornets? 

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The National Guard of Ukraine has adopted the first 500 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers RSRL-1 manufactured in the USA. This was reported by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page on Thursday, May 17.

This is a bottom for ex-Soviet country, to by RPG-7s from other countries.










First launches of Javelin by UAF







and Stugna ATGM


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      The T-80 shooting down jets by hitting them behind the horizont 
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      T-14 ARMATA 
              This thread is about glorious russian MBT T-14, known as "Armada", "T-95", "black eagle", "T-99" and other stupid Western names given to Object 148 (T-14 in some recent documents). Here is number of images connected to that vehicle.

      Official model of unknown "artillery vehicle". Yeah, Putin, we know that this is T-14. Note Gatling gun on turret right side.
      Artist impression of T-14 based on known model, by Fyodor Podporin. 

      T-14 will use Relikt ERA, which is considerable improvement over Kontakt-5 in resisting to tandem HEAT warheads and EFPs.

      Side skirts would be thicker on a real vehicle, i think. Relikt have AFAIK bigger size than Kontakt-5 ERA build-in blocks.

      Whole album with renders: 
      Video of same render from same artist:

            People expect that tank would have turret weapon system like what you see on the BMP-3 "Bakhcha-U" turret - a lot of weapons in one turret for one gunner to work with. T-14 is rumored to be equipped with 30 (or even 57) mm autocannon, 4-6 barrel gatling type MG/HMG, new 125 (2A82) or even 152 mm (2A83) smoothbore cannons. Turret is unmanned, crew of 3 would be located in frontal part of hull, behind very serious frontal armor inside of compartment, well protected from all directions. Cannon would be loaded by new autoloading device. I hope that Burevestnik is working on them, those guys managed to make 100 mm Naval gun with RoF of 300 shots per minute.
            I really like how turret looks, but i don't understand why there is such a big turret "busket" for unmanned turret with all ammo placed inside of hull in special armored housing. Also, i don't see gunner sight and proposed FSC radar on 3D model (i assume that panoramic sight is for commander). Laser sensors on 3D model are from T-90A variant of "Shtora".
            Some officials mentioned works on new active protection system, that consist of powerfull radar station, that can work on "long ranges" and engage incoming projectiles (missiles) with that gatling MG. Will this system survive development stage and be presented on serial tanks is unknown. Although turret for T-15 Armata-based IFV already was shown with new APS "Afganit".
            If you pay attention you may see that artist used T-80 rollers for Armata chassis, and this is not a mistake - according to some sources Armata heavy chassis will use T-80 or T-80-like rollers to save weight. And looking at rear part of that tank you may notice a engine deck from gas-turbine equipped version of the T-80, which can be mistake becuase MoD want Armata with new ~1500 HP diesel engine. 
    • By Marsh
      The Magach based Spike launcher, the Pereh or Wild has been officially revealed. Thanks to "Camera" at the Mess for the heads up. The vehicle has been in service for 30 years!
      Links currently available in Hebrew only. 

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