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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down

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Austrian Orelikon 35mm Zwillingsfliegerabwehrkanonen 85 firing     

Some historical but relevant stuff. What could have been but was not. In Lešany museum near Prague you can find a prototype of Czechoslovak SPAAG Strop II. This system placed on a modified Dana chassi

I know right?!   Also, I love how he's so free with his critiques of the competition threads and our "general knowledge Levels" Along with singing his own praises...   And yet, he'

Don't have any pictures unfortunately but I was reading a French document ( http://1951.polytechnique.org/URL/Launet_DCA.pdf) on anti-aircraft warfare and it reported that the French had a project to put a twin 90mm anti-aircraft gun on an AMX 13 chassis. Man the French loved that tank, its amazing all of the shit they tried to cram onto it. 


Ce matériel bitube de 90 mm résultait d’une évolution entreprise dès 1948 et qui devait aboutir à la définition d’un équipement en 1951. En effet la DEFA avait demandé à la Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot (SFAC), du groupe Schneider, par lettre du 17 septembre 1948 (44 94 ST/ART), d’établir un avant projet de «matériel de 90 mm DCA bitube sur affût automoteur à chenille», et dont la masse ne devait pas excéder 15 tonnes (9 ). La SFAC établissait alors un projet utilisant un châssis du char AMX 13 (10), mais ne parvenait pas à satisfaire toutes les spécifications.


This twin 90mm gun resulted from a project undertaken in 1948 and which had an intended completion date in 1951. DEFA had asked the Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot (SFAC), of the Schneider Group, by a letter on September 17 1948, to establish a pilot project of a "twin 90mm anti-aircraft material on a tracked self-propelled mount", and that the mass must not exceed 15 tons. SFAC thus established a project utilizing the chassis of the AMX 13 tank, but this did not manage to satisfy all of the specifications.


"Did not seem to satisfy all of the specifications"

Hmm, however could that have been. 




Finalement on renonça au début des années 60à l’un et l’autre de ces matériels, trop lourds et trop complexes. Certains les qualifièrent de «délire d’ingénieurs».

Finally one renounced both of these equipments at the beginning of the 1960s, being too heavy and too complicated. Some people qualified them the "delirium of engineers".

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I understand milking the Saudis for all the oil money you can get off them, Canada does it too... But, given how bad the Saudis are at fighting, selling them THAAD might not be the best idea.


Also, fuck the House of Saud.



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   One of Chinese early warning radars. The radar was put into operation a year ago - September 26, 2016 and is located in the province of Shandong in the east of the country. The radar with AFAR with a diameter of 30 meters consists of 10,000 receiving / transmitting modules



Judging by this frame, the radar operates in the P-band (225-290 MHz)




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