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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally got around to uploading some fights. 


These are a few short clips from my level 88 character. It's a poison/bleed build, aka the worse fucking build in the whole game. Don't be like me. Just do a quality straight sword build with decent armor. #META


This first video... I'm proud.




But he gets a rematch!


It doesn't go well either.





Next is a guy who keeps getting caught at the end of his rolls by my scythe. And eventually bled.


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I started towards Seath and killed the boars, but the first area of crystal soldiers and the sorcerer guy (who I guess gets to respawn) was getting a bit frustrating.


My stats at level 61 62 are:


Vitality  21

Attunement  10

Endurance  22

Strength  27 28

Dexterity  24

Resistance  19

Intelligence  10

Faith  10


Plenty of souls (normal and boss) that haven't been crushed for use yet. 


My weapon is a +3 Silver Knight Sword.  I feel like I should or maybe need to find something else, especially with how the sword scales.



Pushed on through the library and found Seath, which surprised me but I guess it was not the real boss fight.  Left off now in the library dungeon with all the squid people and their gramophone.

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So the Silver Knight sword is a Twinkling weapon upgrade path. There are a lot of Crystal Lizards in the place you currently reside. However, if you go back to Anor Londo, the Giant Blacksmith sells infinite Twinkling Titanite. You can then get your sword fully upgraded (+5). 


However, your build is more quality than straight Dex, and that sword scales best in Dex (E/C scaling). So it might not be worth the investment. 

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Managed to knock out a speedrun of DS3 today.


Came in at 1 hour 53 minutes. Under two hours, which was my goal. But it could be WAY better. 


It was a glitchless speedrun, so everything was legit. I died like 5 times to Yohrm for some fucking reason. Then another 5 times to Soul of Cinder. A couple of random deaths that were stupid, and I could easily optimize the movements. But the route is pretty decent so far. I'll give it another go sometime soon. Might have to download some recording software or split timers to get serious with the speedrunning. 


Also, I had some fun fights last night. 
















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  • 2 weeks later...



This is what I feared would happen when Namco farmed the remaster out. 


For a history lesson, the PC port of Dark souls 1 is ATROCIOUS. Locked at 30 FPS, barely 720 resolution, shitty PVP, TONS of glitches, etc.


And for 8 years, Fromsoft has never, ever patched it. 


Mods were created within 30 minutes of the game dropping to fix a lot of the issues. 


If you compare what we know (which will not change, since the game has a month before it arrives) they change with other remasters that have come out, it falls really really short.


The DS1 remaster is not worth the money or time.They didn't fix anything in multiplayer, and they "fixed" all the interesting glitches that kept people coming back to speedrun year after year. 


There's a laundry list of things they could have taken from the other two games in the series. Movements, weapon mechanics, bow aiming, you name it. Hell, they could have even had mods built into the game that you could use (albeit offline), such as an item randomizer or enemy randomizer! That could have at least added some flair to the same game we've played through a thousand times over. 


The worst part? Fromsoft is taking the original game off of steam. 


At least when Skyrim: Remastered came out, it looked better than the original AND was free!


Fromsoft shouldn't have farmed it out, as I've said. It's an obvious cash grab. They paid a company the least amount possible, and that company did the least amount of work possible. 


I can only hope that Fromsoft and Miyasaki are working hard on the next game, Shadows Die Twice, and that it's basically the ultimate mash-up of the Soulsborne series. 

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