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Here are the reasons.   1) It might make Americans sympathetic to Philippines President Duterte. That's because Duterte = Trump > Hitler.   2) Because we have our own news story

Some guy took a selfie with the hijacker:

So the requirements for receiving the Dutch variant of the Purple Heart have been changed a little. Previously it could only be 'awarded' for physical or mental injury due to combat action or violence directly applied to a person, but it has been changed. The new requirement includes "serious mental injury due to repeated or prolonged exposure to direct effects of war violence".


Now it includes for example medical personal who have incurred mental damage because of treatment of casualties, or soldiers who got PTSD because they were tasked with clearing mass graves, etc.


I don't know what the requirements for a Purple Heart are, but I think it's significant that our requirements have been changed to include this.

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2 hours ago, LostCosmonaut said:


Regardless of your thoughts on this, the salt over this is absolutely enormous.  It's almost like Trump won the election again.  Dictartorship confirmed.






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How is Trump firing Comey a sign of dictatorship? Managing the executive and hiring and firing people is literally the President's job description.


Like, sure, if you buy into the weird alternative universe where Trump is a Russian agent, then he just fired the guy who was investigating him... But that's been in his power all along. There's been no overreach here.

If the investigation into Trump had ever been serious, it would have been handled by Congress. Which it hasn't been. Again, if you live in the alternate universe, then sure that is a sign of some kind of corruption (we have a solid red gov't after all), but it's also corruption that's fully compatible with and allowed by the structure of the Republic.

Here are some things Trump could do to start on the road to being a dictator:

1. Order the executive to jail political opponents without a trial. 


2. Suspend habeas corpus


3. Remove from office officials who are not under his purview


4. Declare war


5. Pack the courts


6. Suspend Congress


One notes that these are all things, except for the last one, that previous Presidents have done or tried to do. But Trump hasn't done them, nor has he tried to do them. Nor could he actually do any of them without the consent of Congress. So what we have is a government in the hands of one political party (happened before), not a dictatorship.

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Wow, so much crying.  This means nothing, sure the media will cry and make it seem like the end of the world, but who watches those losers anyway, and the Dems have been calling for Comey's  head and blaming him for Hitlery not winning, and now they get his head and Trumps bad again.  They literally have no direction, clue or idea what the hell they are doing. 

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A major ransomware attack hit hospitals in the UK, as well as other organisations around the world. Some security researcher managed to stop it completely by accident:



It is exactly the kind of exposure that ransomware writers do not want. Someone is going to get droned, probably.


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Texas Agriculture Commissioner states on record, "Why don't we just change the label to say 'Not Poisonous' for this poison? Then people can do whatever they want with the corpses" 


'Cause the EPA might have something to say about you changing their labels on a poison that has been created to kill wild pigs.

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