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Here are the reasons.   1) It might make Americans sympathetic to Philippines President Duterte. That's because Duterte = Trump > Hitler.   2) Because we have our own news story

Some guy took a selfie with the hijacker:

If one believes the FBI and records released in the JFK assassination this week, Martin Luther King, Jr. liked himself the freaky sex; both natural and unnatural.


Also he was the original comieboo brother by another mother.




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The UK is currently imploding.


The flurry of sexual assault allegations stirred up by the weinstein drama has, unsurprisingly, taken several scalps in the british government. The defence secretary is gone, replaced by the man who was in charge of stopping the defence secretary from making those kind of actions, and one of the accused politicians has taken his own life. This kind of drama would usually guarantee an election, but the party in power is behind in the polls so they'll do anything they can to hold on.


This isn't enough excitement, of course, so the press (UK and international) has found another disgruntled financial services employee to dish dirt on tax evasion/dodging by all and sundry. This is extra embarrassing for the UK as a couple of the offshore havens involved are Crown Dependencies, so we're technically responsible for them. Major points so far include Prince Charles owning shares in a company that stood to benefit from his campaigning, The Queen (or her accountants) investing a large-ish sum in an offshore haven, and a major donor to the conservative party (who are in power currently) did everything he could to avoid paying tax while he took up his (bought) role in the House of Lords.


Our foreign secretary has managed to get a british-iranian citizen a longer jail sentence in iran, which is the opposite of what he's meant to do. It's pretty clear at this point that he's trying to get fired before he cocks up something really important, and loses any chance of running the conservative party.


Finally, a minor minister has been ignoring the rules and talking to politicians in israel without informing her boss or any UK diplomats in the country. Normally this would be a Big Thing, but right now no-one really cares.

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   Moscow. November 9. INTERFAX.RU - WikiLeaks organization on Thursday published a report according to which the CIA masqueraded its malicious programs in such a way that their sources appeared to other, really existing organizations, in particular, Kaspersky Lab.
   According to WikiLeaks, US intelligence uses a tool called Hive to implement its software. It allows malicious programs to send stolen CIA data, as well as receive instructions from operators.


   The search results in various unremarkable domains ("simple-boring-looking-domain.com") registered on a public server. The content of the sites is completely innocent, so the average user will not suspect anything. However, malicious programs undergo a special authentication algorithm, which allows them to transfer stolen data to a hidden CIA server "Blot".
   At the same time, Hive uses digital certificates that are masked by existing ones; in particular, WikiLeaks reports three cases of using a falsified certificate from Kaspersky Lab.
   Previously, the US authorities accused Kaspersky Lab of espionage and relations with Russian special services. The company rejected all charges.

lol, they should search for a Putinsky Lab instead of Kaspersky.

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47 minutes ago, Sturgeon said:

Yep, mrs. the Captain has been chatting with folks in the safety industry and the story doesn't check out, let alone the eyeball check of how they would visually appear.

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Three Canadians charged in naked car crash in Alberta (BBC)



Three Canadians who were involved in a bizarre car crash while naked have been charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest.

They were among five nude people detained after a two-vehicle collision on a rural highway last Monday about 30km (20 miles) south of Edmonton.

The man and two women appeared in court in Leduc, Alberta, on Thursday.

They allegedly kidnapped a man, a woman and a six-week-old baby from a home and forced them into a vehicle.

The abducted man, who was being held in the car boot, somehow managed to escape, police say.

Shortly after so did the woman with the baby.

A man who was driving to work along the highway picked up the three victims after he saw them shoeless on the road.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) says the BMW driven by the alleged kidnappers then apparently deliberately rammed the Good Samaritan's vehicle, before ending up in the ditch at the side of the road.


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4 hours ago, LostCosmonaut said:


It is interesting that Takei is one of the few celebrities/politicians (including Judge moore of Alabama) to deny the charges.


It doesn't help that he went on the Howard Stern show basically bragging to have done the very thing. 



The caveat being that the whole raison d'etre of being a guest on the Howard Stern show is to act like a bunch of middle schoolers with no inner monologue. 



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3 minutes ago, Donward said:

There is certainly an element of schadenfreude about this. Or if you buy into the William Shatner/George Takei feud story, Shatner-feude...


You missed a golden opportunity there.

The fact that I find his Twitter account annoying aside, I don't really have an issue with Takei to be honest. But seriously, the guy has talked about his less-than-consensual encounters on record a few times before, and these have been semi-high-profile recently. So it was pretty obvious he'd get caught up in this.

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