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Commander of the Second Army of Turkey detained on charges of coup attempt




#BREAKING : 39 Turkish pilots who were on 7 military fighters arrested in Malatya - AA

#Orient #Turkey
BREAKING: Former Air Force Commander Akın Öztürk, dubed the mastermind behind coup attempt detained
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Photos shows that several soldiers were beheaded.  :wacko:

That'll show those against Justice and Development! 


Still wanting to know what this military faction's ideology is wether it was Gulenist or extreme anti-Erdogan secularists or ultranationalists (which seems unlikely b/c of grey wolves seem anti-coup) or whoever. 

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   Apperently coup was made by group of middle-level officers from different branches of army and military forces, some of gendarmes were also involved. They failed in delivering message to people why they are doing this. Nobody currently knows for sure why attempted coup was started. 


   Second mistake of this coup - Erdogan is still alive.

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I see a good amount of people (news website comments and social media) taking to the idea that this was all planned by Erdogan as a means of consolidating power and providing a reason for ousting political opponents and dissenters. 

Same, I don't personally think this is a false flag, but Erdogan isn't going to let a crisis not help him in stealing more power. 


Never know though, the Turkish "Deep State" is shady as hell. 

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