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Gatwick Airport has been closed for the second day following somebody flying drones around the runway.



Tens of thousands of plane passengers face a second day of chaos with flights in and out of Gatwick cancelled after two drones were spotted flying over the airfield.

As of 9.45am on Thursday the runway remained closed and all flights were suspended after a Wednesday night of total mayhem sparked by the major security alert.

Twenty police units from two different forces are desperately searching for the suspects who have been flying drones over the airfield since about 9pm on Thursday. 

Officers believe it is a "a deliberate act to disrupt the airport" but said "there are absolutely no indications to suggest this is terror related".


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Krakatoa is erupting, and may have caused a tsunami


'Volcano tsunami' hits Indonesia after Krakatoa eruption

At least 20 people have been killed and 165 injured after a tsunami hit the coast around Indonesia's Sunda Strait, government officials say.

The country's disaster management agency says two people are missing, and dozens of buildings were damaged.

It says the possible cause of the tsunami were undersea landslides after the Krakatoa volcano erupted.


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Possible ongoing military coup in Gabon


The army (or at least a part of it) took control of the national radio and television calling for the creation of  a "national restoration council".


To note that there is a French military base just at the outskirt of the capital hosting about a thousand men.

80 American soldiers also arrived in the country last Thursday.


Edit: Apparently it's already over, it seem that it was a very small group and according to the local authority most of them have already been arrested.

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24 minutes ago, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:

Hey @Alzoc and other Europeans , I heard reports of the French shooting at protestors with live ammo. Any truth to it?

Well there is this story of French police brandishing "loaded" H&K G36s.



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34 minutes ago, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:

Hey @Alzoc and other Europeans , I heard reports of the French shooting at protestors with live ammo. Any truth to it?


Depends on what you consider live ammo.

For law enforcement anything below the second line of this table is considered as it:



It ranges from tear gas launched from a grenade launcher to 7,62mm so it's quite a wide definition.


If we are only talking about bullets then definitively no. The only case when the law enforcement can use them (in the context of a protest) is when they are directly shot at with firearms, which is basically never.


Otherwise they have access to a wide range of "stun" grenades which work either with sound, light, both, shock-waves and rubber projectiles.

Those are supposed to be used when the crowd get too close allowing the law enforcement to retreat and reorganize.

They are first to be rolled on the floor and if things get really out of hand launched from a hand held grenade launcher.


Now some of those grenades contain a little amount of explosive, and regularly cause injury (launched to close, launched in a high arc against the procedure, idiot trying to pick up the nade blowing up his hand, etc).

Needless to say they regularly pop up in the public debate because of the serious injury they can cause.


One particular type of grenade was for example banned, after causing a death in 2014, the officer launched it in a high arc against procedure and it got stuck between the backpack and the back of a man, the blast killed him.

We are one of the few country (if not the last one) in Europe which still use such a large panel of potentially dangerous grenades.


Funny enough the use of the taser was banned for law enforcement as it was seen as dangerous for vulnerable peoples (elderly, pregnant women) but mainly that it was degrading and against human dignity.


This article sums up what the law enforcement can and cannot do during a protest:



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And meanwhile, if you went ANYWHERE in Portland this week, you probably were exposed to measles.






The likely culprits appear to be Washingtonians living across the river from Portland in Clark County, which has 19 confirmed cases.




Here are the details of the confirmed cases:

• Age
      •  1 to 10 years: 15 cases
      •  11 to 18 years: three cases
      •  19 to 29 years: one case

• Immunization status
      •  Unverified: three cases
      •  Unimmunized: 16 cases




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Does this article strike anyone else as being irrationally optimistic:




Further sources (from article, but it swiftly shows the sort of drivel they're using as evidence):




The Taliban and its ideology are deeply unpopular, even compared to the current government and it security forces. A nationwide poll in 2015, for example, found that 92 percent of Afghans supported the Kabul government and only 4 percent favored the Taliban.


It's not explicitly stated, but I'm guessing absolutely bloody certain that would be a survey of those living in the areas of the country controlled by the government.....Due to the return of data, rather than the pollster's severed head.  :rolleyes:


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The Chinese authorities confirmed the birth of genetically modified children and the second pregnancy during the Jiankuya He experiments.


   Investigators tasked with investigating Jiangku He's activities today presented the preliminary results of their work to the Chinese Xinhua news agency. They were able to confirm the birth of Lulu and Nana, the first genetically modified children in the history of mankind, as well as the fact that the second couple, who also participated in the He experiment, are waiting for the birth of another child.
   On November 25, 2018, MIT Technology Review published material in which it was reported that Chinese scientist Jiankui He is conducting an experiment on the creation of genetically modified children. The next day, the Associated Press published an interview with a scientist in which he confirmed this information - and also said that the first genetically modified children in the history of mankind had already been born. According to him, he succeeded in introducing into the CCR5 gene of embryos a mutation similar to the natural mutation CCR5Δ32, which human immunodeficiency virus cannot wade into the cells of carriers of that mutation



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