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    • By LoooSeR
      My mother came back from her trip to Georgia, where she was born and lived her first ~18 years. She flown to Armenia first (she is armenian), where she visited several places together with her cousin, than moved to southern Georgia.
      Aragats, Ambert.

    • By Alzoc
      Topic to post photo and video of various AFV seen through a thermal camera.
      I know that we won't be able to make any comparisons on the thermal signature of various tank without knowing which camera took the image and that the same areas (tracks, engine, sometimes exhaust) will always be the ones to show up but anyway:
      Just to see them under a different light than usual (pardon the terrible pun^^)
      Leclerc during a deployment test of the GALIX smoke dispenser:
      The picture on the bottom right was made using the castor sight (AMX 10 RC, AMX 30 B2)
      Akatsiya :


      A T-62 I think between 2 APC:




      Cougar 4x4:


    • By LoooSeR
      This is thread were we can share pictures of things that don't exist, things from other worlds, imagination-gone-wild-stuff. Although, less animea, tovarishchi.
      Something like this:







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