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Bash the KC-46 Thread


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The KC-46 is an aerial refueling aircraft based on the 767 airframe.




It was the winner of the USAF's KC-X contract, and is intended to replace (partially) the KC-135, a 707 based aircraft which is very old. The contract award process was a colossal shitshow, featuring proposals based on the 767, A330, and An-70, and involving numerous protests, lawsuits, and other crap. However, the Boeing entry ultimately won.


Unfortunately; the aircraft is now having difficulty refueling large aircraft such as the C-17; https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/boeings-kc-46-test-run-complicated-by-c-17-refuelli-423831/

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So, it's always seemed super remarkable to me that it is possible to control an aircraft with enough precision to land a stick into a small hole on another plane while in flight. Is this as difficult and nerve-racking as it seems, or is it relatively easy to accomplish? I imagine that electronic assistance helps a decent amount.

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