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Competition: A modern medium AFV


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Hondenaaier Ind., Ltd. is proud to present its new design for a revolutionary medium weight vehicle. The CARACAL tank meets every need for a rapid deployment expeditionary vehicle for infantry support, long range fire, anti-tank missions, counter-insurgency warfare, and conventional engagements. The CARACAL tank sports a combination of all-around armor, devastating firepower, and great speed that makes it one of the most well-balanced and relentlessly effective vehicles ever designed.




Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander

Engine: MTU 871 Ka-501 1200 shp, 2,600 RPM

Cylinder displacement: 3.97 l

Total displacement: 31.7 l

Transmission: Allison X1100-3B, option for HMPT-1000 CVT

Suspension: Torsion bar, fully compatible with M2/M3 Bradley

Width: 3.350m, 3.920m w/ Second Chance-Light ERA

Hull height: 1.240m

Hull width: 2.160m

Hull length: 7.140m

Turret ring: 2.150m (same as M1)

Ground clearance: 0.46m

Empty weight: 35 tonnes

Combat weight: 36-40 tonnes, depending on configuration

Maximum speed: 80 km/h (governed)

Maximum reverse speed: 48 km/h (with X1100)

Fuel capacity: 230 US gallons (870 l)

Hull rotation time (360°): 8 seconds

Turret rotation time (360°): 7 seconds

Armament: 75mm Lancer CT Autocannon, 2-3 machine guns

Ammunition load: 150 75mm CT rounds, ~9,000 MMG rounds, ~800 HMG rounds

Stabilization: 2-axis, passively stabilized

Main gun elevation/depression: 25/-12 degrees

Ammunition types (75mm): HEAT-MP-T (programmable), HEDP-T (programmable), APFSDS-T, HEAT-T, TP-T, TPCSDS-T, HE-OR-T



The CARACAL has the most versatile armament of any modern fighting vehicle. Standard armament consists of a smoothbore 75mm automatic cannon, capable of variable rates of fire between 50 and 200 rounds per minute, in three shot bursts. This cannon fires caseless single-piece ammunition from a magazine contained in the turret bustle. The cannon is of the swing-chamber type, with a separate chamber segment that swings to the left of the gun axis under the force of recoil. At the end of its stroke, it triggers an electrically-driven feed mechanism capable of loading the gun at over 400 rounds per minute, limited to 200 in practice. This feed mechanism is capable of feeding the gun at all attitudes and arcs of rotation.

The 75mm cannon is fully programmable, and is integrated with the tank's stabilization and situational awareness systems. This gives the tank great capability against softer targets like infantry, helicopters, and light armored vehicles. For example, one mode coordinates a three-round burst of 75mm programmable high explosive projectiles, according to the target being engaged. When attacking infantry, the CARACAL's gun fires three projectiles at a calculated dispersion given the range detected by the tank's sensors, ensuring that each projectile bursts above the ground near the target at the very edge of every other round's radius. These rounds can be patterned in line, rank, cloverleaf, and other patterns, for destructive capability far, far beyond that of even higher-caliber artillery guns. Against lightly armored vehicles and IFVs, the CARACAL's 75mm gun can be programmed to either maximize hit probability or penetration. In the former mode, the gun works by attacking a smaller dispersion area against the identified target, ensuring the highest probability of a knock out hit. In the latter mode, three 75mm rounds are programmed to strike the exact same location, allowing the first two hits to detonate or disrupt any explosive reactive or non explosive reactive armor on the vehicle. Likewise, when attacking helicopters, this same capability allows the CARACAL to fire a maximum-hit-probability group at its target, enabling the CARACAL to quickly kill helicopters before they can engage it back. This enables the CARACAL MMEV to dominate its battlespace versus air and ground threats alike.

The CARACAL is not your average expeditionary light tank, however. With a 2,150mm turret ring, the CARACAL is capable of accepting all M1-compatible turrets and guns, including 140mm tank gun systems designed by Royal Ordnance, GIAT, and Rheinmetall. This ensures that the CARACAL chassis remains competitive in the event of a high intensity conflict with a high density of enemy main battle tanks. Against lighter, less capable offerings from other companies, the CARACAL is in a class by itself.

With the combination of an incredibly effective and versatile 75mm gun, and main battle tank caliber armament that can defeat even the most advanced threats, the HONDENAAIER INDUSTRIES, LTD. CARACAL MEDIUM MULTIPURPOSE EXPEDITIONARY VEHICLE is the right solution for the unpredictable future nonlinear battlespace of tomorrow!



The CARACAL MMEV provides the most cost-effective and flexible armor solution of any main battle fighting vehicle available today. At its foundation, the CARACAL MMEV comes proofed against 30mm HEDP ammunition from attack angles as generous as 60 degrees from the horizon. This basic layer of armor not only protects the CARACAL from small arms fire, heavy machine gun fire, and most autocannon fire, but shields the CARACAL against attack helicopter cannon fire as well. Even in the lightest package, the CARACAL protects against high explosive shells as large as 105mm from a distance of 5m, as well as rocket and light antitank weapon fire at severe angles. The comprehensive protection package doesn't end there, however, as the CARACAL also comes with a modular armor attachment system built-in to the base armor layer, allowing it to mount extensive Explosive Reactive Armor and Non-Explosive Reactive Armor packages over its glacis, mantlet, turret, and side skirts. The Second Chance-Light ERA package, for example protects against an additional 600mm of RHA penetration, giving the fully-equipped CARACAL MMEV a total of almost 800mm RHA protection from the frontal aspect.

Against mines and IEDs, the CARACAL MMEV is protected by a generous 40mm thick armor plate as the base layer, but also has mounting points for additional belly armor packages including NERA and laminate armor. At its maximum threat armor package, the CARACAL protects against TM-72 and Type 84 anti-tank mines, as well as large IED warheads.

Beyond its passive armor package, the CARACAL also offers upgrade capability with a wide variety of Active Protection Systems, including the comprehensive Regal APS, which couples a computer-controlled multi-function Doppler radar to Low Reaction Time (LRT) projectile dispensers that can intercept a variety of incoming missiles from 600-3,000 m/s velocity. Regal also incorporates a multi-function signal jammer to confuse and deflect incoming missiles away from the CARACAL MMEV.

Further, the CARACAL MMEV so-equipped with both ERA and APS systems still stays within the weight and size limits necessary for two to be comfortably transported in a C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft, with roll-on/roll-off capability. This allows the CARACAL MMEV to deploy to anywhere in the world within hours, to everywhere from major airports to unprepared grasslands, while doubling the strategic capability of an armored force versus current heavier main battle tank offerings.

So protected, the CARACAL is a tough adversary, capable of going toe-to-toe and emerging victorious against the latest man-portable anti-tank weapons, helicopter-fired ATGMs, and main battle tank cannons. Far from being “just another light tank”, the CARACAL MMEV is a true “high transportable” medium main battle fighting vehicle.



At its maximum weight configuration, the CARACAL MMEV is packing 32 hp/tonne, giving it a full third more power to weight than competing heavier main battle tanks. This additional power, coupled with advanced transmission and suspension options, gives the CARACAL unprecedented battlefield mobility that allows it to attack the enemy any time, anywhere, and melt away before the enemy can coordinate a counter-attack. The CARACAL embodies the modern incarnation of the firefighting tank, able to sprint from hotspot to hotspot to attack and defeat the enemy so that friendly forces can take objectives and defeat the enemy in detail. As a dynamic fire support weapon, the CARACAL is unparalleled; its speed, coupled with its devastating firepower allow it to rapidly support allied forces and defeat enemy air and ground threats alike, making it a key component in future battle plans that demand rapid, total victory.



The CARACAL MMEV is equipped with the latest optical sensors, thermal all-weather vision equipment, internal radar and early warning systems, laser rangefinders and designators, and electronic network integration systems. This comprehensive optics and communication suite makes the CARACAL the most situationally aware vehicle on the battlefield, as well as the vehicle with the lowest reaction time to any threat. Mounted on the right of the turret is the commander's cupola, fully equipped with all around multi-function day/night/all-weather periscopes mounted around the hatch. On the left of the turret is the gunner's periscope, also an all-weather multi-function model with full thermal and low light capabilities. Both the commander and gunner are fully equipped to fight in any weather under the protection of the CARACAL's armor, minimizing the amount of time that either crewmember must remain unbuttoned. Due to this, the CARACAL can fight at any time, in any environment, including in nuclear threat zones.

The CARACAL's databus is fully compatible with MIL-STD-1553, and also supports IEEE 1394, giving the CARACAL the most flexible electronics suite of any modern armored fighting vehicle, and that means the CARACAL is an eminently upgradeable vehicle that can adapt to changing requirements and new technology. Likewise, the CARACAL is a fully networked vehicle, able to communicate in an instant with allied air, sea, and land forces through its fully FIPS-140-compliant network suite. All of the network and electronics modules on the CARACAL are also completely modular, easing the demands of full fleet refurbishment and giving the CARACAL the lowest projected upgrade costs of any current armored vehicle.

THE CARACAL MMEV is the world's future premier lightweight main battle fighting vehicle, able to deploy rapidly to anywhere in the world at a moment's notice twice as efficiently as the modern main battle tank. Capable of defeating all threats, air or ground, while completing mission objectives and providing maximum survivability and battlefield persistence for allied forces, the CARACAL is THE next-generation fighting vehicle for tomorrow's non-euclidean battlezone. Choose to win. Choose the CARACAL MEDIUM MULTIPURPOSE EXPEDITIONARY VEHICLE.


OOC Supplementary Stuff:

OK, so this is a section for out of character supplementary info regarding my design, some of which was requested by Colli. First, here's the Caracal with the maximum ERA package:


It's not a proper render because the render function on my SolidWorks appears to have broken for the moment. Oh well, anyway, it illustrates the package. More to come.

Alright, I've calculated the total weight of that heavy ERA package, and it comes to 4.2 tonnes. That's based on the weight of Kontakt-5, and the volume of ERA on the Caracal.

Here's the total weight breakdown for the Caracal:

Caracal weight breakdown:

Hull weight, bare: 11.63 tonnes

Driver's hatch weight: 0.196 tonnes

Turret weight, bare: 6.08

Mantlet weight, bare: 0.869 tonnes

Optics weight: 0.357 tonnes

Commander's hatch weight: 0.063 tonnes

Gunner's hatch weight: 0.035 tonnes

Periscope weights:

0.014 tonnes

0.014 tonnes

Total armor percentage: 56% (without ERA)

ERA weight: 1.9 tonnes (light), 4.2 tonnes (heavy)

Fender/side skirts weight: 0.49 tonnes

Gun weight: 1.144 tonnes (3.3%)

Ammunition weight: 0.810 tonnes

Fuel weight (230 US gallons): 0.696 tonnes

Powerpack weight: 4,300 kilograms (12.4%)

Track and suspension weight: 0.196 tonnes per roadwheel assembly

(including torsion bars; 14 total, equals 2.744 tonnes), plus

3.560 tonnes for all track links, plus 0.185 tonnes for two idler wheel assemblies, plus 0.485 tonnes for two sprockets. (22.2% for all track and suspension elements combined)

Total estimated weight (current): 34.4 tonnes (clean), 36.3 tonnes (light ERA), 38.6 tonnes (heavy ERA)

Track contact area is as follows:


That equals 4.87 square meters area. Here are the contact dimensions, if you want:


The dimensions of the ammunition, by the way, are 130mmx530mm. The ammunition is perfectly cylindrical.

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Especially in South Africa, where they used dogs for other purposes than just guard duties.


Good name.

We didn't eat them, certainly. Anyway, I have it on good authority that sheep... uh... nevermind.


The 'e' should really be removed, in any case.

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3ds Max isn't very nice for telling you how much something will weigh and all that jazz, so I'm probably just going submit eye candy with backstory tacked on.  That was pretty much my original goal anyway, but with less effort in mind on the eye candy part.


Some parts still need to be worked on, but I'm fiddling with an extra armor variant as as well.  Edit shows current head-on coverage


I also added fenders/stowage space, rearranged wheel positions AGAIN, added a cap for filling up for fuel and other engine goodies, rear doors (subject to change), and a bunch of little tweaks here and there.







Edited by ApplesauceBandit
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   Applesauce Bandit, you can do simple quick math of weight of the hull. Steel density, thickness and dimensions of the hull will be enough for rough estimation.   

I suppose I could, but I've not exactly built this using real world measurements either.  If I have the motivation and time, I'll do it.


Trying to figure out the specifics on the internal layout and going from there.  I know close to nothing about the automotive side of tanks, so I'll not bother picking a layout for there.



Blocked out space inside to figure out ammo stowage and make sure there was room for things.  Holds 99 rounds of ammo, with 75 rounds in a fancy carousel and 24 ready rounds.  I guess it'll do a 3 round burst since I went for multiples of 3 and the ammo in the carousel is grouped in lines of 3.   There's plenty of empty room behind the turret I'll need to decide what to do with.



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I better shuffalo the buffalo


If I don't make a new post, I'll edit this one into the real deal.  This will be more a place for me to horde the pieces of the final submission.  Where my submission lacks in technical details, it makes up for it in eye candy.


This design actually ended up being a lot smaller than originally planned, now that I'm measuring it compared to the people inside.  In fact, I'd call it tiny.  I might be able to fit the sucker in a plane, but I've have to check the weight and numbers.


I'm getting this down here because I'm really tired and you can't stop me








Just like my bae HSTV-L, the thing I made is 95" in height

Absolute height (tracks to panoramic sight) is 109"


Length (end of tracks on either side) is 244"

Length (end of rear tow to front applique) 254"


Width (hull edge to edge) is 81"

Width (armor skirts) is 129"

Width (outer track edges) is 121.5"

Width (track center-center) is 104"


Track contact length is 164"

Track width is 17.5"

Total contact area is 5740"sq
Track ratio wizardry is 1.57




75 rounds in automated carousel system, 24 ready rounds

Has MG ammo somewhere in there, I know it's got to be able to squeeze in somehow


Gun is 60mm, 3 round burst

Gun is feed by 2 separate belts


Ability to equip APS, ERA, and other fancy things


Can keep track of several designated targets at once and fire at them to ease workload on commander


I accidentally made this too small, but I'm wanting at least STANAG IV protection from sides and rear, STANAG VI at the front.  Dunno if I'll still get that now.


Other stuff tomorrow

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