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Competition: A modern medium AFV


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I had forgotten how fucking broken the Mirror feature was, this took way longer than I wanted.




Also, making tracks is a disaster. I'll do that last.



Where'd you get your suspension/track elements, or did you just make them? You have anything for reference? That's why mine are unfinished and terrible, I have no reference material.

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It might be.



But nope, doesn't carry infantry.


Pretty big if it's not carrying infantry...


Anyway, I think that's enough work for the day:



Current to-do list:


1. Delete one set of road wheels. They are just adding weight and making the suspension cramped.


2. Finish the turret. It's currently just a box; it needs details like rangefinders, cupolas, etc.

3. Add a driver's hatch.

4. Add ERA.


5. Maybe attempt to lighten the stupid thing.

6. ????

7. Profit!

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I finally found a scheme of Kurganets chassis to work with my out-of-competition design. 


Well yeah, where else should I fit my 120 mm autoloaded mortar with GPS/SAL guided shells and my Spike LR missiles?

Are you going to spoil everything?  :D

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Canting the turret sides in by 20 degrees and reducing thickness to 35mm saves me a whole 800 kilos:



In its current configuration (plus ERA, idler, engine, and ammunition, not modeled), the Baberams is currently just under 37 tonnes. It should also carry 230 gallons of JP-8 or other fuel, weighing about 700 additional kilos.

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