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Celebrities that are now dead


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This August is not a good month for remaining Blazing Saddles alumni. 


Character actor David Huddleston  who was townsman Olsen Johnson died on August 16.



Of course he was also the Big Lebowski.


It looks like the only actors left alive from the movie are Mel Brookes himself. And...


Let's see... Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead...


Mel Brooks and the chick who played the busty red-haired secretary are the only ones left. And one of the female townspeople. 

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I didn't know that Robert Vaughn was still alive.




And while it is customary to laud an actor for his great performances, in Vaughn's case "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", "Magnificent Seven" and "Bullitt", it is fitting at Sturgeon's House that we remember their more entertaining performances.


The first movie I remember watching Vaughn in was of course Superman III.




Yeah. The 1980s were so fucking insane that Richard Prior was in a Superman movie.

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So I guess somebody did a send-up of the Sgt. Pepper's album cover featuring dead 2016 celebrities.




Although my eye is twitching with how the Sun describes George Kennedy as being famous for the Naked Gun and Airplane! movies. No, assclowns. He was in the Airport disaster movies and he was famous long before Naked Gun.


Also, portraying Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter role instead of Hans Gruber shows a disturbing lack of Christmas spirit.


Also, also, the Brits must have never heard of Merle Haggard. Which is their fucking loss.


Also, also, also, seeing Brexit and the MAGA hat warms my cuckolds of my heart. And yes I intentionally used the word cuckolds since it fits.



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