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Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

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5 hours ago, Lord_James said:

Is this suppose to be museum piece or “trophy” from somewhere, or actually help with training? 


The original uploader (who has since deleted the photo, but you can still access the thread in its entirety here) wrote that it was taken on an air force base in the US, and that he didn’t take many photos because he was unsure if he was allowed to do this. He also mentioned that there was a T-72 there (or more like another since the real identity of this “T-90” is clear), as well as several M60s. Finally there was this interesting quote from him:


“An observation I made there were several pickup trucks Under canopy's adjacent to this tank with similar camera and antenna setups they appear to be to be controlled remotely The tank also had an emergency off button wired and mounted at the rear near the engine deck”


Adding these clues together, it seems to me like he might be talking about vehicles that are intended to be used in the training of air force pilots, allowing them to familiarize themselves with how this stuff looks from above, when on the move etc., but I could be completely wrong.

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