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Sheremetevo airport received a brand new ARV, which is actually the civilian version of the BREM-80U. Very nice!  

Yep, this is a crazy good vehicle! I read about it a while ago in an article, if I remember well, it said only a few were built. These are very very useful vehicles. It has one disadvantage, it needs

Remote operated D9N in service with special engineering unit Ya'alom. Fielded in Gaza.     Also came in highly useful in the last conflict in gaza; reveals tunnels up to 10m deep

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19 hours ago, Ramlaen said:

A Terrier Armored Digger modified to be remotely operated.


I thought they all did that?



The technology used in Terrier is so advanced that the vehicle can be operated by remote control enabling soldiers to clear routes from a safe distance.


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On 2/5/2018 at 11:23 PM, Priory_of_Sion said:



Ugh this just makes my heart hurt... God damnit.


Edit: To be clear this is me being disgusted because they have literally done everything possible to set these poor fuckers up to fail in a particularly egregious and painful way. A way that all but guarantees that you're going to cripple and kill guys on the regular all because you refuse to do things even close to right, much less anything approaching effectively!

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Units of material support of Southern Military District during the exercise at the Daryal range delivered more than 100 tons of material to the mountains of North Ossetia













I guess horses have a niche from which probably only Boston Dynamics can push them out with human made device. 

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