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The Meteorology Thread: Hector Lives

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Haiti is so fucked.




That big blob off to the north east quadrant of the hurricane is apparently dropping rain at the rate of an inch an hour.  FUUUUUUUUCK.  Lost, this is still that 'double barrel' feature that you and I were talking about a day or so ago. It's still persisting, and hasn't been eaten by the main body of the hurricane.  Just goes to show how weird and chaotic weather systems are...

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Fireants coming together. Just like Houstonians coming together for this disaster.  

Meteorology humor (the best kind);   A surprisingly good and accurate xkcd about the tail end of the 2005 hurricane season; https://xkcd.com/1126/   Hurricane Ike Final Advisory   (not sure whe

Microburst over Phoenix, AZ    

Buncha people about to get CONED.


edit: yep




This is just me talking out my ass, but it looks like there's a chance it could do a repeat of Irene '11.


Also, microwave imagery suggests an EWRC is ongoing. Hopefully it won't complete before land interaction disrupts the core.



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Cat 3, down from 4 thank the gods.


Still might have extensive damage at the Cape, but I'm hopeful it won't be catastrophic. Tampa and Cape Coral (Where former VPG/TP peoples are) looks to be dealing with heavy rain and Tropical Storm force winds. They can handle that, thankfully.  Very glad to be dealing with a low end Cat 3 vs a high end Cat 4.

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