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The Meteorology Thread: Hector Lives

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Fireants coming together. Just like Houstonians coming together for this disaster.  

Meteorology humor (the best kind);   A surprisingly good and accurate xkcd about the tail end of the 2005 hurricane season; https://xkcd.com/1126/   Hurricane Ike Final Advisory   (not sure whe

Microburst over Phoenix, AZ    

Everyone up in my neck of the woods is preparing for a pair of storms rolling through the Pacific Northwest with rain and wind gusts ranging from 45 to 60 mph.




Or as native Washingtonians like to call it, normal fall weather. 

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And people act like the hicks down south don't know how to drive. 


"My god, would you look at that? A little dusting and they shut down EVERYTHING? What's WRONG with those people? I drive through the snow to work every day in the winter!" 


To which I ask the uppidy northerner, "Do you know what black ice is?" 


"A rap group?"


"Ever heard of an ice storm?"


"Is that a drink?"


"Go fuck yourself."



Snow isn't the problem in the south, it's the ridiculous ice storms that occur along with the occasional dusting. 


I've walked outside and had a quarter-inch layer of ice over everything in Texas. I got an Ex who lived in Nashville for two years who's entire neighborhood would get shut in with ice so thick she had to crack it off of her car with a screwdriver before she could even open her car door. She said there had to have been a half inch of ice over everything. 


And when this sort of weather occurs two weeks out of the entire year, there's no point to have an infrastructure based around it. So it's far safer and easier just to tell people to stay home for the day or two out of the year it happens. Not to mention ice storms knock out power to a ton of places, so why both going to work?


But then the Northerners start up their guffaws. But from what I can see up here in Northern Colorado, they can't drive worth a shit in it either.  And they have the infrastructure AND practice, since it's around for easily a fourth to a third of the year. 


Just in my neighborhood, I've seen double-digit numbers of parked cars with serious body damage from running off the road, into traffic, sliding into curbs, other cars, etc. Hell, I just sold a set of tires to a kid who slipped right off the road going 40 mph. 

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Remember when I ranted about how northerners think themselves gods in the snow?


My room mate just gave that argument ammo. 




There probably is a direct relationship between how you handle wintery driving conditions and how you handle difficult situations in life.



Uh huh. Ok. 

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