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KSP design a mobile howitzer competition.


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The Peoples Republic of North Kerbea is searching for a replacement for its current generation of mobile, suborbital payload delivery systems. The Ministry of Defense is searching for a replacement with a longer maximum range. However, the Ministry of Accounting and Other Boring Practices has dictated that the current systems are too expensive to operate, and are searching for a more efficient method of payload projections. This is where you come in.


Judgement criteria:


The highest distance per cost will be considered the winner. Special consideration will be made for the longest launch distance.

The new system must have at least the same maximum range as the current system.




The launcher must be controllable and able to travel under it's own power both before and after firing.

The projectile cannot have any on board propulsion device (No rocket assisted projectiles).

Only the use of stock parts is allowed.

All test firing will be conducted on the runway, firing due east (heading 90°)

All range results will be measured from the perspective of the projectile (see screenshots).

The launcher cannot substantially dislocate from its firing position as a result of payload acceleration.

Judges are allowed to submit entries, but will not be eligible for prizes.

Entries should be in a similar format to below listed vehicle specifications, including screenshots.

All entries must be submitted by 6/30/2016 (end of day).




anyone Ulric requests to assist in judgement (see above for rules regarding judge entries)



To be determined (bragging rights, shaming of non winning entrants, in game currency for specific game, etc)




Specifications of the current vehicle:


The K2A2 Sturmklempner

Weight: 10.4 tons (loaded)

Payload 0.2 tons

Maximum Projectile Velocity: 175m/s

Maximum Range: ~1.8km (see screenshot 4 for the correct distance measurement technique)

Cost: 28,665

m/Credit: 0.0628













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